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Quote: Originally Posted by hunisher Do you know what style these are called or where I can find them? If not, I'm looking for a site that has trendy plastic eyeglass frames... any suggestions?
Can't make my mind up between these two Tom Fords: or
Quote: Originally Posted by erpachu he is tom ford jeje, but the name of the sunglasses? what model? They look like the Rodrigo model, except with different arms.
What are some dressy alternatives to the APC Rescues? In a similar vain to the Dior 21 cm's
I just bought a pair of these Tom Ford 007's on-line for my dad. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on another pair for myself. Anybody own a pair? Worth the money or over priced?
Quote: Originally Posted by josh3751 anybody know what kind of glasses these are on the dude on the right? i dig em. They look similar to Dita Copious or Armani.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent The fit is NOTHING alike. Rescues are a straight cut and 19cms in comparison are very slim- in terms of tightness, I'd say the 19cm fits somewhere in between the P.S and the NC. The 21cm will be more of what you're going for, and even that is a little slimmer than the Rescue. Great, thanks for the heads up. Do you have any suggestions for any Rescue alternatives? Something dressy and in the same vein...
How do a pair of Dior 19cm's compare to Rescues in terms of fit/denim quality? Also if I'm a size 29 in Rescues, what size should I be going for in the Dior 19cm's?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you said you're looking for a pair like them, so just get them? They're nice, but I want something a little more exciting on the front. Perhaps a buckle of some sort.
Ann Demeulemeester
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