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Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Where are you "in Asia"? It's a big f*kin place. Unless you're in HK, you're getting jacked up. Could you please elaborate? I'm not in Hong Kong, but Kuala Lumpur. The tailor is Lords tailors if that helps. Quote: Originally Posted by stylomilo It's difficult to advice you unless you provide some indication of what type of cloth you are looking for.. At the moment I'm...
Could some of you bespoke suit experts please enlighten me with some wisdom I recently paid a visit to a tailor here in Asia about getting a fully canvased 3 piece suit made. Whilst viewing the samples I was shown an Italian brand called Fratelli Tallia di Delfino (Super 130/140's) and I was quoted at around $950 USD. Is this a decent brand? high quality? I was then shown Zegna samples (Super 120) and then the price drastically doubled and it was only for a 2...
What's the best way to wash/clean a pair of Nudie Dry black coated Jeans? I've heard that washing them will ruin the leather optic illusion. Dry clean?
All Saints: McKay distressed leather shirt-jacket: Converse: Black Leather Chucks: Tom Ford 007 Sunglasses: Nudie Jeans Slim Jim in dry black coated:
Quote: Originally Posted by neptune76 Thank you. Good texture? Or at least better than the stuff at mall stores or jcpenney.. You get what you pay for, put it that way But it's of a higher quality than your run of the mill mall stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by neptune76 Ahh an actual owner, can you please give me a description of how the leather feels to the touch? I do want thin since I want it to drape and not look bulky or thick but I want it to feel somewhat soft. How is the quality of the jacket overall? Are you satisfied? The leather feels quite thin and smooth to the touch, once you break it in, it obviously takes on more character. It fits the way you would expect...
I own the Fight Club jacket from Soul Revolver. The leather is indeed very thin and of average quality. On the other hand I believe Soul Revolver makes the exact same models in a heavy duty leather specifically for motorcycle riding (more expensive of course).
Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` Having tried on both the Oliver Peoples and the Tom Ford, the optics and build quality on the Oliver Peoples is superior if that makes any difference. I can imagine, since they're polarized with a titanium frame. The Tom Ford model is basic steel if I'm not mistaken.
Pulling the trigger tonight on some shades. Still undecided though, since I can only afford 2 pairs and there are 4 in the running! Basically I want 1 pair of chrome and 1 brown/gold pair. Now this is where the problem comes in, I was originally going to buy the Rhodium Tom Fords and the Gold Corsairs (since I can get a great deal on a pair), but they're so similar I don't know if I can justify buying both. That's why I'm thinking of going for the Persol Steve McQueens...
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