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Adidas Superstar Olympic editions "Japan" and "Great Britain" model are pretty rocking:
sneakers: Adidas Superstars boots: Sendra 3565 Biker Boots misc. shoe: Gucci Loafers Jeans: Nudie Straight Sven/A.P.C Rescue/PRPS Pony Casual Shirt: Paul Smith Floral Dress Shirt: Comme des garcons military style dress shirt Sweater: I've got a Thick as Thieves varsity cardigan on the way misc. items (hat, scarf, shades, bracelets etc): Soul Fetish "Forever" bracelet, Tom Ford shades.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Denim news says that they are Japanese denim. So I've read, but for somebody who claims; Quote: The prestigious mill in Japan, from which we import all our fabric, is committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world. $25 USD FOB seems a little suspect. If it's true though, I want to know which mill he's getting it from!
Quote: Originally Posted by Denimbar $140.00 for dry How sure are you that it's Japanese Denim? From what I've read on this thread at $25 USD a pop for FOB, it sounds like it's Chinese or possibly Turkish.
I have the exact same problem, I'd also recomend Nudie Straight Svens and APC Rescues (I own both).
(RING RING....RING RING....) "Yes, this is Jerry Garcia...I'd like my t-shirts back please."
I'm also trying to find out what the cut is for the Nando x Nando.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G When they aren't in between seasons, carries sorahiko slim in raw and one wash, jomons in raw and one wash, nando x nando in one wash, and maybe a couple other things. They don't have a full stock available (i.e. I've never seen suminandos there). Otherwise you'll either need to order from Japan via a proxy, or call the NYC store and have them ship stuff to you. Cheers mate! I actually...
Anybody know where to buy 45RPM Jeans on-line?
If I'm going casual I wear a pair of White Adidas Super Stars, and if I'm going a little bit more dressy, I have a pair of Black Gucci Loafers which I personally like the look of with the Rescues.
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