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Hi pasteurisation, I agree on the tucking, I think it can look good with the right trousers and, after all, when it is really cold style is of secondary importance. Yes, Trabert produces really nice boots, the only problem being the price. If you look carefully, you can find lots of smaller german manufacturers which have products on par with trabert and are more than happy to sell their products for half the price. For example, if you like the "Klassik" model by Trabert, ...
I have one pair of german felt-shafted hunting boots "filzstiefel", like the ones made by Trabert: I've recently aquired a pair of all leather, shearling hunting boots from Hungary. They look very similar to the trabert "tradition" model. Both "zwiegenaht" (doubly...
It is even more difficult to to find old school, firm wool-filled pillows.
        Dior Monsieur peak label cream silk SC.
Hi Switzerland hasn't a great sartorial tradition, apart from silk, cotton mills and st. gallen embroidery. Of course Bavaria and Austria are full of shop specializing in country/trachten. Plenty of loden, tan linen jackets, capes etc. The problem is that I cannot afford any of those, let alone a tailor. . I wan to go for the cheap solution and fine one in a thrift shop (where I've already bought a great loden coat), but I can only find women's cape. But usually, If I'm...
In general, I've alwys found puma's sneakers dressier than other brands.
I know that's not what you want to hear, but why don't you just wear a comfortable pair of loafers? For sure they look dressier than any sneaker. 
The only thing that stops me from wearing capes is the current thrift store situation. I only find women's loden capes, never found a men's one.
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