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  Actually, I saved my money at the agency for a while. The food cart didn't get off of the ground because my partner told me he gambled all of his savings (for the cart) away..... Didn't have the other half to get it off of the ground, thanks.
Looking to incorporate within the next couple of weeks and need an accountant to do so. Looking for any personal references from you guys. Thanks in advance! P.S. If it means anything, the small business I am starting is a food cart selling Spanish Flatbread sandwiches.
Thanks for all of the help guys! I'm already halfway through "I Will Teach You..." and will read the others afterwards.   I have no credit card debt (although I do have a couple of cards), and I do not have any student loans that I need to pay off.
Out of college, entry level position so I'm not making much. I am tucking $600 away a month into a savings account but I was wondering if there is a way I could increase my returns by doing something active with my money.   I do not mind taking risks or spending a couple of hours a day before/after work to manage the money.   I'm not trying to do this so that I can "ball on the weekends" but simply to have a larger safety net and potentially be able to start a...   I'm trying to get my hands on a pair of these by any means possible besides traveling out to Amsterdam to grab them. Anyone have any genius ideas?
Thanks homie. I just copped this one:
    Anywhere to get a VERY similar jacket like this one? It's sold by Uniqlo but they seem to be all out everywhere.   Looking to stay >~$200   Thanks!
bit a head off if a breathing squirrel
Test drove them all. Ordering my Veloster next week.
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