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Got this picture from Gabriel at Skoak yesterday, Alderley are inbound.  
 I did the same with some Rota trousers before placing an MTO order.  Greg confirmed it was not an issue, in the end it turned into a sale of 3 pairs for NMWA. 
 I'm in if it is Walnut CC, a maybe if it is Mahogany.
Those look great.  I keep buying more EG shoes but that makeup remains my favorite.
 Just received my first pair of loafers on the 184 last and the fit is similar to the 888.  I have a bit of heel slip, but I attribute this to the soles needing some break-in. 
Quick question if anyone can help me out.  I own EG on the 202, 606, 82 and 888 lasts, all are 10.5E UK, how does the 184 last fit in comparison to the others?   Thanks
 I would be tempted to pull the trigger on this one.
 @hoodog - another great pair, I never realized that the Wells had that detail on the heel.
  Really nice hoodog!  I think I need to add a couple more pairs of Dovers to the collection.
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