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 I would be tempted to pull the trigger on this one.
 @hoodog - another great pair, I never realized that the Wells had that detail on the heel.
  Really nice hoodog!  I think I need to add a couple more pairs of Dovers to the collection.
  Boots for a rainy day in NYC.
 I just received my Galways, but the fit is definitely larger than my Chelseas.  Both are 10.5E on the 82 last, the Galways seems to fit larger than my shoes on the 202 last.
  On my desk this morning, the wait was worth it.
  Had a few things to care of at the office today, glad I came in.  GMTO Galway from Skoaktiebolaget.
 If this is only your second sport coat I would not recommend grey or tweed.  Grey is harder to pair with trousers and tweed is rather seasonal IMO.
 10.5E UK, sorry for the confusion.
New Posts  All Forums: