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I still think it could be a clogging issue. Repeat the advice until it works. If it does not, keep reading. It could be the paper or ink. Some inks doesn't flow as well as others, and many kinds of paper can lead to skipping, due to the paper not turning the ball properly. That it skips one way and not the other could depend on how you apply different pressure when you angle the pen. Do you use the same ink and paper as before? If you do, I can only think a feed problem or...
Rollerballs clog easily. Run it under hot water for some time. Then apply pressure on the tip against some paper and start writing.
The Sailor 1911 Realo and 1911 Large is pretty similar in size to the Custom 742. Sailor 1911 M/Standard is comparable to Pilot 74. The Pilot pens are somewhat longer when posted. I think that the 1911 line is called Profit in Japan. As I prefer piston fillers, I really like the Sailor 1911 Realo (at least since they changed the piston design). But as far as converters go, the con-70 in the Custom 742 is as good as it gets. It's easier to operate and holds more ink than...
If you're located in Japan, don't forget to check out Sailor. They offer perhaps the smoothest and finest nibs I've come across (on modern pens at least). They also offer some really interesting specialty nibs: choice. I have a Pilot Custom 742 FA that I could not be more happy with.
If by bohemian you mean something like like this:You could find more information here:'s an excerpt:"Bohemia (Western half of Czech Republic):Blouse: White with roomy sleeves (but not pleated or full like in Moravia). No embroidery on the blouse sleeves. Usually no fabric below the elbow.Vest: Relatively simple (except those from Chod region where woman's vests are beaded). May be laced in front as opposed to buttons or...
Great looking Buckinghams. Are they a recent purchase? I'm trying to locate a pair but have had no luck so far.
Try the Pate de Luxe polish in "acajou" (mahogany).
Gaziano & Girling Nice
I think something like Krone's Patton or perhaps Moses would give the right impression. But anything from their catalogue would work really.
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