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Heres what I listed "Condition: 9/10 Great used condition, Minor marks on the top(please see pictures), Barely worn"I am more concerned about the sizing. Like I said I am not too familiar with the sizing of RM Williams and dont know if the 9.5 H is the US sizing or something else?
You SOB I call dibs on 40 L
Hey guys. I am not too familiar with selling RM Williams Boots. I recently listed these guys twice and the first time I had about 8 watchers then ended and I lowered the price and got 0 watchers. I am trying to sell these quick to make room for more inventory so I have two questions. These are new with some minor flaws that could easily be over looked, so is my price still too high? ..Priced at $299. Also does RM William Boots have a different sizing system or are these...
That top label looks a little weird to me. Not saying its fake but doesnt even really look like a vintage gucci. Not an expert so please dont take my word for it.
I know women is the bigger market but I would really like to see what they can do with mens clothing if they ever get that going.
love that show
I have a boner for this. Please be a size Large...
This reminds me ^^ another shoutout to @jgill79. Crazy good deal on a staple brioni suit that should be in my wardrobe for years. Much appreciated!
Wow, what a deal. My size too!
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