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And the winner is TJHAMBONE09 for his extremely ugly tie and props to him for being brave enough to where it public! These are going to the right home!Next contest coming in a couple weeks!
Hey guys, dont forget to post a picture of the "Ugliest" Tie you own for a chance to win these beauties! I will be choosing the ugliest at 9 pm Contest ends in 1 hour, at 9 PM central. Contest is open to all members! http://www.styleforum.net/t/368686/free-give-away-thread/60#post_6843559 Now back to your thrift viewing..... Found these today for peanuts: Plus this guy for $40
Goodness we have some ugly ones! 3 hours until contest ends! Open to all members, just upload you with your ugliest tie for a chance to win!
This contest is open to all SF members, just post a picture of you with your ugliest tie you have and if you are the only one by tomorrow then you will be the winner by default!!!
THose AE sanfords are sexy
I think that this is the only answer to making your GF happy.
Hey guys, I am giving away New in Box Robert Talbott 7 Fold Tie in my Free-Give-Away thread. It no BULL SH*T! But this is .... Will also be giving away this gem of a tie! Ugly Tie combo! The link is in my signature!
I apologize for not posting on here as often as I would like. I am really going to dedicate myself to posting a couple times a month! I really hoped that this would catch on with other members (besides Nataku ) , but oh well. I guess I will be the only one giving stuff away on this thread This next contest is fitting for the fact that I am giving away 2 ties, both of which I consider to be really nice, while others might think that they are butt-ugly. First tie is a New...
I have had great success with Swandri in the past. Usually very thick and well made IMO
If this was a 40 R, I would have a chubbie
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