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Let me know if thats there next time you go. The rape tie is the only one missing from my collection
Been had slippers ?! NA for now 7 Leather pair of Gucci, 2 Crockett jones, 1 Churches, 1 Peal + co, 1 Brooks Brothers Plaid, and 1 Neiman Marcus Croc Sorry for the crappy photos..
Not my auction but seems like a free Burberry shirt to me http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-BURBERRY-LONDON-SHIRT-L-2-fine-italian-silk-TIES-300-/231856068500?hash=item35fbb2d794:g:CZEAAOSwzgRWxPl8
Man, finally getting caught up! Like 50 pages behind. Thread is on fire! Some recent jackets
Could anyone help date this?!
Another Heavy one. How effing old is this guy?! Paging @Orgetorix
The Heaviest Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket I have ever had. Probably 20-25 lbs.
I agree with that. I never suggested to do it before they can make a post. Its literally a free resource that not many (1 out of 20) take advantage of.
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