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Do you think that stamp by the signature shows that it has political importance? Thanks IMP
I thought it was Austrian, based on the stamp. This def isnt my field. It looks like a political document.
I dont usually find much on the weekends, but I did find this along with some fodder. Anyone have a clue what I am looking at? I dont even know what language it is. @HansderHund please help! Cashier gave it to me for free since she didnt know what it was either [[SPOILER]]
Congrat Chet!
Probably for the best lol Honestly send me a PM if you ever have any questions. I will send you off to ebay results if its a question that you could figure out yourself. But other than that Im, and a lot of other people, are here to help.CP
We all have been in the situation that you are in right now. My two cents will be to do research like others have suggested. Many of us have read this thread, and many others, all the way through. After that if you still have a question you can easily look up whatever you are asking about on Ebay search results. If you are still confused then I would suggest asking a question on here. The thing people have problems with is when you ask literally every question that you...
For Realz, I thought people were smaller back then?!
I am really bad with jeans, but this makes me want to go look for some levis: http://www.wgme.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/lisbon-falls-appraiser-thinks-jeans-may-worth-fortune-30827.shtml#.VpUxtPk4GM8
First time listing on this thread, not sure how I havent come here sooner! All are available, but really looking for space in my house so a trade would just have to make perfect sense for me to do. Please PM if you would like to know the sizing or any other questions you may have!
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