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^^ Yup, weirdly enough the manager bought nearly everything I had last time I was in there. I wasnt flirting or anything. Every other time I have been in there, I ll take a bag and they will buy like 2-3 things from me.
These people are nightmares. I dont really care if this is the wrong thread but what is his username. He/she needs to be put on everyone's block list immediately!
I once owned a thrift dragon. Not the greatest pets for an apartment.
Quick stop for lunch #onestop #thatjusthappened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQb3h0EEK8Y
Do I have anything here @PLaydice ? And my favorite
Do I have anything here @PLaydice ? And my favorite
I cant see the price but I can see those being a popular item in a couple months.
Are there any past Dry Cleaner tags on that haul? I am really interested who donates over $100k in clothing!
This sounds like my poker experience last night but with less zeros
In the 7 years of doing this I have never done this ^^ Filling up 2 carts would be the shit. Congrats on the haul.
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