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Sexy AF
Those are sexy AF. Hard to think that 04 was 12 years ago... I feel old
I know you are joking but if I saw someone actually do this, I am not sure what i would do. I have had my credit card stolen like 4 times. If I ever met someone that stole credit cards I am pretty sure id beat the ever loving shit of out them
I am all 3. Lets see these pictures
Not one find, accumulated over a couple months. Been really lazy lately
I dont think there is a chaps that people want. Unless it is super old and has patches.
Bigger than your wang.... tie
I have been off this site for about a week. I just read the news about Brian. Very very sad. Spoo, let me know if there is anything I can do.
Update on the 1971 topps football cards: Out of the 200 cards in the box heres the best, in the best condition. Still dont really know what I am doing, but I am hoping for the best when I get them sent into PSA this week. IMO these are in very very good condition, but this definitely isnt my niche. Hoping for one of the Bradshaws Rookies to be an 8 or higher (sorry for the glare) Happy Memorial Day!
28 and I finally get my first smart phone lol here's my modest finds from today. I hope to contribute more to SF now 😀
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