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With Alden its the second letter that tells the sizing that most use, unlike others. So that makes it a 9 C. I am not sure if they are shell, I can kind of see creases, but Wes would know for sure. $90 is a great deal for the right person . Unfortunately not my size
If those are size 11, I ll trade you a Lanvin straight up
Also picked this up today, cant find much about it either. Except for this site: http://www.thebespokedudes.com/2014/07/dude-reviewed-pescetto.html
I dont really know what I have here, any help would be much appreciated. These are very well made, full canvasses, working sleeves. etc etc. Never seen these labels before.
Love that jacket!
I was going to buy it last night but the interior label didnt match up. I dont think you missed out on much!
That jacket is sick!
Dat watch doe
Cant believe these dont have bids. Thanks for the heads up.
I was thinking the same thing!
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