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Awesome information, as always! I still need to brush up on my union tags. The grey suit is a 36 R. 30 x 28
Need help dating these guys, I am guessing 1950s or earlier. Still learning my labels:
Trying to get caught up with my back log and took some pictures of stuff this past month. All is probably going to da bay but message me if there is something that you cant live without. First up are those two pairs of Kiton pants, again Dallas ppl let me know if you find the matching jackets and hopefully we could make a trade: Any Oakland Raiders fans out there?.... Probably not... Some winter coats/jackets: Vintage Suits,...
If this is a 40 R, I am your guy.
I want to punch the gas company in the face. They tell me to wait from 8am-10pm! Dont they know I should be thrifting right now. Motherfuckers
Bring your gun, if you are stopping in Waco
^^^ I have thrifted only once in Vegas and thought the exact same thing. I feel like someone out there must have it on lock down. I always thought it was parisvegas.
[[SPOILER]] Is Montana a thing?! I been leaving that brand for years
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