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I am pretty sure I have never found anything that is flip-able at dat store
That marines jersey is so nice, great find!
I would pass over that 10 out of 10 times. Nice find though!
Since summer is around the corner I would probably go with the cash money. Nice find though!
I would try the money bags, fo sho
Man that looks fake. These will be hard to adapt to
That could be one of my favorite finds in a long time. If it was my size it would probably be hard for me to sell that! Nice find!
Found a Gant Rugger shirt today, along with the first non tie/shirt Borrelli !!
I have won 1 case in probably 15 cases. The only reason I will be calling Ebay, or whatever call center they put me in touch with, is if this dude does a negative feedback. I dont think it matters anymore if you dont have a return policy because like I said before ebay favorites the buyer on most occasions.Does anyone here have a crazy high restocking fee for returns? I am really thinking about implementing one. Thinking like 40%.
I have an ebay buyer to add the block list: bshi1355124p1a Him: "Hello I asked you about this dvd set because I don't know a lot about day trading this dvd set is not for the beginner for what I see .I really net something that starts me from the beginning I would like to return this to you this is way to advanced for me I am sorry I am a ebayer too" Me: "I never stated that it was for beginners. I am sorry that the dvd isnt what you are looking for, but as a seller...
New Posts  All Forums: