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No, but thanks!
Your lady friend looks just like you..
What he said..
I am keeping my name too
Bvlgari ties are really well made. Nice Find!
My argument is whats worse: one item or a whole town? If you are really trying to help someone out, its called "private message". Could of easier helped him out the same way and not letting the whole world the stores to go to.Like I said earlier, the thread isnt what its use to be. I really dont mind what anyone talks about here anymore because I would say 50% is actually about thrift bragging. Wasnt happy when it happened but it is what it is. Really not mad over it...
This thread isnt what it use to be.... Theres a guy on here that has said the location of every place to go in Dallas. To me someone doing that is worse than someone wanting to snipe one product and cant because another made a PSA announcement about it. I didnt complain when it happened but people should be allowed to talk about whatever they want since there are no rules anymore. Rant of the Day
Recently sold a similar pair for around $450 if I remember correctly. I am sure you will get at least double.
I really appreciate your input. Thanks again you guys. Just relisted for more of a non "dreaming" price
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