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For Realz, I thought people were smaller back then?!
I am really bad with jeans, but this makes me want to go look for some levis: http://www.wgme.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/lisbon-falls-appraiser-thinks-jeans-may-worth-fortune-30827.shtml#.VpUxtPk4GM8
First time listing on this thread, not sure how I havent come here sooner! All are available, but really looking for space in my house so a trade would just have to make perfect sense for me to do. Please PM if you would like to know the sizing or any other questions you may have!
I have to agree. Wolverine are great! I have a pair for myself for really no reason lol
Random Photo Drop (all available): [[SPOILER]]
Not the first time Jk looks good man, glad it went to a good home
Congrats on finding something of value in Vegas. That might be a thread first No, really though, great find! I hope it fits you!
I like the pants photo setup. Speaking of, I have about 300 pairs in my backlog and hate to do effing pants
Agreed, LB has very quality pants IMO
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