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Thanks man, PM sent
Thanks!No worries. I ll try to get better pictures later..Def man favorite piece, It has some much detail on it. Thanks for the helpAppreciate it! Everything was one store besides the Lee Jeans which was a different place.
Well I found these today. Not sure what I have, need some help from you vintage denim experts @Nataku @EasyE @Orgetorix @barrelntrigger @Thrift Vader All true thrift prices. The ones with tags have that I have that "I been siting in a barn for years untouched smell" Not sure if available, need to do more research before I decide. Crisp with tags Twins My Favorite
Tweets we are on the same page. I was going to write the exact same thing To answer your question G, it aint worth very much
Wait your GF thrifts with you?! Thats a win right there.
Oldest Ferragamo I have seen
Seems pretty recent, thats all I know
Hey SF! I just wanted to let you know of our 220+ item auction out now! This auction features SUITS, Ties, and Sport Coats/Blazers! Many high end items and everything starts at $4.99 with no Reserve! Auction end Sunday! Featured items: Loro Piana Cashmere Robe, Brioni/Zegna Suits, 3 PC Suits, 3 PC Tweed Suits and much much more! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or...
Last of the suits
All size 38 R owned by some Dallas Tax Shelter / Insider Trading guy I think (again all N/A, on the other site)
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