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Another Heavy one. How effing old is this guy?! Paging @Orgetorix
The Heaviest Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket I have ever had. Probably 20-25 lbs.
I agree with that. I never suggested to do it before they can make a post. Its literally a free resource that not many (1 out of 20) take advantage of.
I know everyone disagreed with me last time this came up but why is reading vol 1 + 2 a bad thing or something that is so un-doable? I did it and I am sure a lot of other did as well (even though I was there for a lot of vol 1). Some people acted like it was impossible. If you are passionate about anything dont you do your research? For example you dont start trading stocks and just ask people what stocks they are buying and go with it..
Any of these good @Fueco
Does anyone else feel like there should be a boxing ring set up for these little feuds? Just send a PM dickpic to each other and be done with it already.
Found this beauty today, would of been a keeper if Rugby RL could fit my damn long torso.
This is probably true for most the people on this site. Do what works for you! And if you like it, dont worry what others say..
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