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Yeah those PRL are wooden or some kind of wood frames. I have never seen anything like them before. Pretty awesomeIts for rich people to wipe. I didnt know what it was either when I bought it, but its called a purse hook. its for lazy wominzz
Ties be falling out of the sky
Tie game strong
These are sexy as fuck.
You guys are awesome!
Hey is this tie made by Borrelli or Kiton? I always get this label mixed up. @SpooPoker Also. I found this yesterday:
Feels like a soft buttery leather. It runs a little large and look goofy on me or I would probably keep it!
Probably the sickest PRL Leather I have gotten to date. Available
Add this person to your block list: kdifeel1 Trust me, it will save you alot of time and frustration. A buyer that bids up a product to a high amount, demands alot of additional photos after purchasing, then decides he doesnt want it....... All in broken english. Ok my rant is over. Found a pair of Zanella Blackwatch Plaid Marked 38. Offering for only $6 shipping. Has holes further down the pant leg but I am guessing could be made into some cool shorts, or worn as is....
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