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I was checking out one time and I saw a lady buying a dildo. I thought oh maybe its a like some cooking utensil I dont know about. Upon getting closer to the lady It was indeed a used dildo. I thought hmmm and walked out and forgot about it until now. Thanks Nataku
Everytime I suggest this I come off as a dickhead lol I guess you say better wordings than myself.
[/quote]Thanks dicks Turns out they are Shell. 7.5 - 8 D for the people that were asking about them!
Always have trouble identifying shell. Shell or not? Any help would be much appreciated! #1 #2
Tags like that worry me, but the XXL Italy does look legit. But with kbadgley, I could be wrong!
That makes me cringe of the person pulling the painting off the board. Thats like nails on a chalkboard to me!
If I had a dollar for everytime I got that text...
Denim heads, is this a score or a remake? I am about as knowledgeable with denim as Linda is to her title descriptions
Anyone knows if this is Hermes Pants? I cant find the label anywhere. Thanks in advance
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