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Still stand by them looking fake, my niche really isnt vintage versace tho. When in doubt, Spoos an out!
Gave you a minor amount of shit because.... you re making them money?!Not sure what the problem is.
Doesnt look real either
These are awesome!This is still the only button set I have ever found (if you are a CEO, holler at me):
Then how is it I will see a tie on the rack for weeks / months and every time I see it, it is wrinkled? Some need a little TLC and just letting them hang isnt always enough.
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348 ! Thanks for the SF members who bid on my auctions tonight. I am too tired to shout out names but I through in some extra ties with your items! Great community here!
PM Sent !
I ll make sure to throw in some free goodies to you for you purchase! Thanks again
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