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Hey guys I appreciate all the feedback with the dieting and working out. I really have gotten some great PMs and taken a lot of what you guys have said. Sorry if it caused a derailing.. I just listed the Free Briefcase that I mentioned yesterday. I will be paying for the shipping to your location. Preferably in the US It is over in the free give away thread below. Good luck to everyone and please respect the rules and only make one guess per day! I hope others will...
Hey guys! I know it has been awhile since I have done one of these and I do apologize. Today I am giving away another briefcase, this one is way nicer than the last IMO. Brand is Abbyson and pretty much NWOT! I really dont see any flaws. I will be paying for the shipping to your location. Preferably in the US As for the give away there are three numbers and since there are so many variations I will just take the numbers and not the order. Example if the numbers are 1 -...
Probably my favorite Trump clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov2S-mSzFyo
I know this is off topic but any help would be much appreciated. I recently noticed that I am at the heaviest I have ever been: 215 lbs, at 6'0. Most of my adult life i have been around 185-195 and now its starting to get out of hand. Its been a mix of going through some health issues, laziness, and not really caring. In college I would play basketball 6 times a week and never worried about my weight. I am hoping to get back into cardio and/ or working out and dieting. If...
Sexy AF
Those are sexy AF. Hard to think that 04 was 12 years ago... I feel old
I know you are joking but if I saw someone actually do this, I am not sure what i would do. I have had my credit card stolen like 4 times. If I ever met someone that stole credit cards I am pretty sure id beat the ever loving shit of out them
I am all 3. Lets see these pictures
Not one find, accumulated over a couple months. Been really lazy lately
I dont think there is a chaps that people want. Unless it is super old and has patches.
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