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I like the combo but not the best tweed ever. It does look like he was born to wear the tweed tho ..
I hate you
What Chu Mean "those people"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1iV24hL8Rk
Wait, I am confused. Did someone buy from you then donate it? Thats Cra
Very rare items, I believe that there are only like 15-25 left in existence. Also, I go as far as saying that there are more fans of Video Games than Rolexs (bold prediction, I know)
Those smoking jacket are the tits
Fo realz, I just got caught up
With that picture of the Union Label I am not sure that is from the 30/40s but it is def older. I would say 60s by thats just a pure guess.
I think the fact that I dont know what Ring Jacket is probably answers my question
Does anyone think the 4 btn DB will ever come back into style?
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