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That makes me cringe of the person pulling the painting off the board. Thats like nails on a chalkboard to me!
If I had a dollar for everytime I got that text...
Denim heads, is this a score or a remake? I am about as knowledgeable with denim as Linda is to her title descriptions
Anyone knows if this is Hermes Pants? I cant find the label anywhere. Thanks in advance
I cant find the label tag anywhere, these arent Hermes are they?
A big shout out to @Letric . He gave me the idea on how to take pictures of my least favorite item, the pants! I found a much easier way to take them and without hurting my back as much. Thanks again man! I know its not where I want to be but its a start with the 500+ pairs that I have in backlog!
Nat, is this your clothing space or for resell?
I think I found my winter coat. Less than 2% of retail
WTF does 3 carts feel like? Doing this a long time and only ever had 1 stacked really really high.Congrats on the cuna!
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