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Lol I have ask multiple times over the years and I get a CB doublebreasted Blazer Not complaining, just funny to me. AND TY SPOO! I need to send you a box soon!
That is sexy. I cant wait for summer weather to get here too!
You dont say? We have the same interest lol
I would definitely try again even though I came up empty handed. It was fun seeing other parts of Vegas.
I did this one time and literally found like 1 item in 6 +stores. In a town with Brioni, Kiton, Hermes retail stores, I didnt find anything. Either everyone that buys from those stores are rich tourists or someone has vegas on lock down!
Pretty neat find!
I am guessing dead body
Most of the time these people are complete dicks. I have only encountered a few in the wild.
Dormeiul is actually a great brand, IMO. Great find on the Vicuna (blend)
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