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I really want to purchase one and be like it exploded during delivery. I want a full refund.
Pretty sure I guess $231. Thats freaking awesome though. Congrats
I just recently sold a jacket from the same owner. A Hadleigh in fact. Dont know who made your jacket but the previous owner has some T Rex arms... FYI
Theres nothing to think about, its going to happen. I use etsy and love the lower fees and the community feel. Once they become public I think they are going to be taking away etsy's identity. Hopefully I am wrong!
What he said! Looking Sharp!
Can someone explain the appeal of using Tumblr. I dont have an account and just want to know why it is popular...?
Dem Shoes...
Hellz yeah... Seriously though, you (drlivingston) have found some crazy finds at that place. That would be a daily stop for me! All the stuff seems to be NWT as well!
My new goal this month is to travel east and find Drlivingston's "Spot"!Nice effing find..... again
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