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Sizing on those Finnamores?
Karma bro..... I think you made out ok. Also I would be at that store for the next couple days if I were you.
This honestly just made my day! Truly.Lately I been thinking, shit I need to upgrade.But I really appreciate the compliment.
Ties this past month:
Shots fired lol
Capnwes was right, its loud as fuck in here! Can yall keep it down?? Looks to be a college reunion blazer, my guess is Clemson. There are no tags at all but there is the slots next to the front pocket to insert the logo. Pretty sweet. No idea on age, has tweed wool. Palm Beach Tartan, looks to fit a 40 S. Y u no 40 L !? ....... Available
This doesnt happen that often to me, but one time I saw these brand new Nike Air Jordans, babyblue, pristine condition sitting under a womens rack. I normally dont buy that type of stuff. They were carefully put in the wrong place, no question about it. So I grabbed them and took them to the front to ask about the price, since there was no tag on the shoes. I get up there and the guy who checked me out was clearly the guy who put the shoes there. He starts giving me shit...
This sounds awesome
Are these still out of stock?
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