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I thought this was a stock photo, verrrrrry nice. Still looking for a nice tweed like that with the back strap! Congrats
Da. Faq. I have never been to a marshalls that had anything other than Polo RL and Donald Trump ties.How much were the black fleeces if you dont mind me asking? You can PM me if you like
Watching "stolen valor" on youtube is addicting. Be careful
Mostly coming from me. I think I am still a little butt hurt over my Cowboys who have been a real let down this year! I'll start drinking something else other than the haterade. My bad..
I have to disagree with you. While the sizing can sometimes be really unusual, I have done really well with athletes items. I recently purchased a bunch of Brian Cushings Suits/Sport Coats and killed it. Hes just an over hyped LB. [[SPOILER]] Oh, I would love to have seen Currys suit:nodding:
I guess there really are Raider fans out there, well at least on Youtube Thanks Frenchy, its my size but I need the $$ more right now.Appreciate it, your day will come!Not my size but still had to KOP, thanks!
Awesome information, as always! I still need to brush up on my union tags. The grey suit is a 36 R. 30 x 28
Need help dating these guys, I am guessing 1950s or earlier. Still learning my labels:
Trying to get caught up with my back log and took some pictures of stuff this past month. All is probably going to da bay but message me if there is something that you cant live without. First up are those two pairs of Kiton pants, again Dallas ppl let me know if you find the matching jackets and hopefully we could make a trade: Any Oakland Raiders fans out there?.... Probably not... Some winter coats/jackets: Vintage Suits,...
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