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Really want this out of my house. If any wants to offer $0.01 + plus shipping I will take it! The reason I am not giving it away on here is because its easier to print off a label through the place that shall not be named. Probably wrong place to do this but I am losing money on this and trying to get it to a person who would appreciate...
Is that price tag right?
Honestly can yall take this to another thread. 99% ppl here dont give a crap what you guys are fighting about. Thanks
Dammnit Spoo, I wanna go watch Baseball and Basketball. Hurry up and post it! lol
Found another Ferrari under some clothing. Thats my guess.
Blocking dpadgroup now....
How big was that line!?!
Yup..... Lo Siento Brother
What just happen. I hate it when you are about to brag about your day and then someone finds 13 Hermes shirts
Looks real from here, but I am no expert!
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