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Who the hell donates this stuff!?
I hate posting after Spoo but I ll just leave this here. 38 R available Store looks great by the way!
Anyone know what this thing is?
I was about to ask this to the community before you posted about it, but does anyone else find them selves buying different stuff than usual after watching round 2?!.... honestly I might of passed on the Yeezys if it wasnt for watching that show....
This has happen to me in real life. A cart full of stuff only to find that card had be jeopardized. Luckily I have good friends.
My size 11 N/A for nowHonestly I need to thank whoever posted that Round Two youtube link the other day, I wouldnt have known about these if not for that show. Super damn addicting too.
Two crazy pops for me. Chanel suit and yeezys. Suit is going to someone that rhymes with Poo.
I wish! Love that movie!
No brand names but cool ass designs/colors in my opinion. Thread in straight :fire: :fire: :fire:
da faq!? Nice job!
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