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I think I am going to drive out to AL tonight and live there for about a week
What he said!
Yeah that would be nice too. Make it even harder to sell..
I keep having this dream of me finding 12 kiton suits. For some reason my brain thinks it is really going to happen
I wont go out today, that is my birthday present to you Happy Birthday man and deets on your haul!?
Yeah man, this new guy promised me a couple Kiton suits in a trade and never traded! You mind sending me some Kiton stuff to make up for it? JKSeriously though, 330CK is a stand up guy for this offer. Definitely a great SF member and person!
Same with me with Barbour, I still buy anyways!
Please let us know the name so we dont ever trade with him
Brands arent really SF approved but some unique finds while out thrifting:
I am going to say the opposite of your wife "you DO need it", AND I dont even know what it is:D
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