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That "Seta lana lino" looks like Canali but I am not sure with that inside label. I like the colors though, good find!
Dat Orvis doe
271! Also I dont really watch hockey but I saw this and immediately thought "this is probably a SF member" http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2480773-rangers-fan-brings-swag-to-game-7-says-he-paid-for-seat-with-hundreds-only
Dayyyum, is there an actors name on the inside?!
Big Shout Out to @Fueco for the heads up on the Memorial Days sales. I spent way to much, but hopefully it works it self out: [[SPOILER]]
Thank the lord, only took me 6 + years lol
Last time I ll ask about grenadine, for a while. Im putting myself on probation
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