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I would think that someone who buys kiton at retail (assuming) and puts specific buttons on an expensive item like that wouldnt go with cheap buttons. If it were me, I would chop off those buttons and take them in a local "We Buy Gold" store just to be sure. It really cost nothing to put on new buttons or have your tailor resew the other ugly ones back on. Just saying.
Wow. this is just awful. Prayers go out to France
Does anyone know the details? I am just hearing about this.
Quick lunch break: Nice Winter time tweeds @Fueco Did I do good? Never buy this stuff
I swear Drlivingston, wherever you are is so damn good for ties and shoes! Freaking Jealous!
Did anyone automatically think of Shawshank Redemption? I am probably the only one lolAgree with easye, deserving of an ass beating.
Haha I thought I was the only one ^^ I have only one pair that fits right now
If any of them run large let me know 33 - 34 x 32. Putting on some winter weight ....
Most Zanellas are pleated with piss stains on the inside, sometimes more . The FF ones are so rare that they are called unicorns I believe.
Quick lunch stop... yesterday.
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