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Found this sweater from the culver academy. The last one of the bay went for $700+. Mine has holes unfortunately, still a cool piece of history! WWII era, guessing from the 1940s
1960s or later according to the tag.
I really want to purchase one and be like it exploded during delivery. I want a full refund.
Pretty sure I guess $231. Thats freaking awesome though. Congrats
I just recently sold a jacket from the same owner. A Hadleigh in fact. Dont know who made your jacket but the previous owner has some T Rex arms... FYI
Theres nothing to think about, its going to happen. I use etsy and love the lower fees and the community feel. Once they become public I think they are going to be taking away etsy's identity. Hopefully I am wrong!
What he said! Looking Sharp!
Can someone explain the appeal of using Tumblr. I dont have an account and just want to know why it is popular...?
Dem Shoes...
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