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Wow, I cant even remember spending that much on a single outing
Gotta love those "flippers". I see the same guy, at the same store, same day every week and he always mean mugs, trys to look in my basket, etc. I know his store and hes barely making 3X. Kind of amusing actually...
If those are 11s I will shit a brick
Wow, you win! [[SPOILER]]
Well I wouldnt say I went 3/3 but I did have a good day. Found my first Dior Homme Sweater, but it seems like everyone and their moms are finding that
2/2 Two good days in a row! First the Kiton and now this: 2 Recent Isaia 100% Cashmere Herringbone Sport Coats, 2 Saint Andrews Sport Coats, and 1 LB Plaid Wool Sport Coat. Gotta go for three tomorrow
Thanks concealed! Thats my exact size!
When it rains, it pours.... Kitons. I am jumping on the Kiton train! I found a Kiton DIAMANTE BLU Super 150'S Navy suit today. Pictures to come later this week
Id buy that one.
A little above thrift prices but too good to pass up!
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