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Looks like it to me, but I been questioning everything since I was schooled by SPOO. Like is this real life?
Yes, I will be sticking my foot in my mouth now. Also will be picking up any and every Versace tie that I see
Learn something every day
707 yo
I have seen both of those labels without those other tags you mentioned that are clearly fake. We need more pictures Noble!
Still stand by them looking fake, my niche really isnt vintage versace tho. When in doubt, Spoos an out!
Gave you a minor amount of shit because.... you re making them money?!Not sure what the problem is.
Doesnt look real either
These are awesome!This is still the only button set I have ever found (if you are a CEO, holler at me):
Then how is it I will see a tie on the rack for weeks / months and every time I see it, it is wrinkled? Some need a little TLC and just letting them hang isnt always enough.
New Posts  All Forums: