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Back log past couple months.
Thats a good day right there! Sucks about the unvented though!
Is there anyway I can get EazyE for xmas next year!?
Stuff like this is way more cooler than finding a Kiton Suit to me!Guy owns Oxxford and Tom James, and has Texas roots!
Photo Dump
Did someone say MontBlanc?! (thrift pricing)Also got around to taking more pictures of the Yeezys (platos closet pricing)
I am going to guess $122 k
I am not political by any means but this above is truly what is wrong with America IMO. You are literally being the biggest hypocrite when you say that they "associate" with these people when the man getting beat out of his car for voting (or being associated) with someone that he voted for. I have a member in my family that voted trump for the sole reason that he doesnt stand for what HRC is or what she claims she will do. I feel like this is the exact same thing going on...
1. What's the worst decision you've ever made to pass on something when out in the field? -Pretty sure I passed on a Vicuna Overcoat when I first started. Its been so long but I remember starting with literally $20 in my pocket, and decided to go with a JNY suit and a Ferragamo Tie instead. 2. Which label/brand does everyone else in the thread seem to find but you never see? -Marinella. I have only found this brand once. It was an epic find (x3). By far the best made...
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