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I literally get this same situation about every other time I go. Its funny when they say they dont buy something and then you look at their racks and they have the exact same thing you tried to take in.I have gotten really pissed to about this same situation too, because I buy these items for the sole reason to take into these type of stores. There are articles out there that have guidelines that give the better results.Pretty sure the other guy is wrong ^^^, they have...
Dang i have never seen that label before. Looks old. Not much help
Love that outfit especially those boots
I like that setup, wish I had that much room
Not to be political, but who is voting for Nixon this year?!
Who the hell donates this stuff!?
I hate posting after Spoo but I ll just leave this here. 38 R available Store looks great by the way!
Anyone know what this thing is?
I was about to ask this to the community before you posted about it, but does anyone else find them selves buying different stuff than usual after watching round 2?!.... honestly I might of passed on the Yeezys if it wasnt for watching that show....
This has happen to me in real life. A cart full of stuff only to find that card had be jeopardized. Luckily I have good friends.
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