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F the jays! Lets go tribe!
All on da Bay.... PM SENT
Thanks @Bahljs for posting round 2 a long time ago. I have found these items since: And for Tommy Tuesday (my favorite!)
I guess I'll be the first cat person. Tink Tink is the shit!
Finds over the past month:
If anyone ever finds an old Dallas Mavericks one I will take it! L or XL. Die hard fan even when they arent that good!
Nice Norfolk Hunting Jacket, Harris Tweed. I thought this guy just did refrigerators? (office reference)
I really hate to be the dick head but I say this every time, read the damn thread and then you wont have to ask these questions. I would say that majority of the people on here have read a shit ton of these pages. A basic ebay search shows that you probably buy a Zegna (dildo) suit. If they want too much, then dont buy...? The buddahman is 100% right
Send me the link and i ll let you know if it is me or not.
New Posts  All Forums: