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Awesome ^^ Let me know next time and I ll throw in some goodies. Love it when a SF member buys from me!
Why would you leave behind that oxxford ^^ That is an awesome pattern and colors
Pretty funny show, very under rated. Not much love like my favorite Frisky Dingo. Only got 2 seasons until it was canceled.Oh and Spoo, holy shit!
More randoms from this past month:
Wow, its different if he catches someone stealing and says what he did, but to just say that with no evidence? I am not sure how I would respond, but I know I wouldnt leave there without completely tearing this guy (in womens clothing) a new one. I am not a confrontational person either but when people like to run there mouth they should be able to back it up or at least face the consequences.+100
Some vintage tweeds, just in time for winter!
More Random Ties from over the past month:
This made me smile from ear to ear! I have learned everything from the people of this site, so its really on them! Glad I could help in some way though, keep it up!
Thanks you guys, I forgot to say that they were e thrifted. Still a good deal!
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