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Those Ferragamo's are $$
I think it said $199 originally.
I debated keeping that one Some whimsical ties are a little much but I would (and have) rocked the crap out of that tie
Ties found in the field over the past month... [[SPOILER]]
Dang it M! Why cant you sell any of my items KIDDING! Congrats on that grail selling!!
Thanks you guys! I am just going to sound ignorant and put Ancient Mayan Aztec
So I am guessing its not Egyptian ?
Any Hermes tie fans know what kind of design this is? My first thought was Aztecs but now I am thinking Egyptians..
Makes sense to me (thats what I do as well )
I dont understand how an operation that big can have that many mistakes, esp on a high priced item like Loro DIANA!?
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