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Seems pretty recent, thats all I know
Hey SF! I just wanted to let you know of our 220+ item auction out now! This auction features SUITS, Ties, and Sport Coats/Blazers! Many high end items and everything starts at $4.99 with no Reserve! Auction end Sunday! Featured items: Loro Piana Cashmere Robe, Brioni/Zegna Suits, 3 PC Suits, 3 PC Tweed Suits and much much more! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or...
Last of the suits
All size 38 R owned by some Dallas Tax Shelter / Insider Trading guy I think (again all N/A, on the other site)
Ferrari's have trunks? Learn something everyday
Zegnas suits (all not available, on the other site)
Those are some nice summer colors! Nice finds!
Damn, those middle AE's are sexy as fuck. Size? Available?
Sports themed
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