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Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby budbucks... .co.uk? Bud sucks enough when you can't get much else. The thought of someone ignoring the plethora of great English beer in favor of Budwater is mind boggling. Every pub I went into in London during my trip there had a prominently displayed Bud tap behind the bar. I don't drink like I used to, so this is probably an extremely small sample size, but still.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Yes, another foreign exchange "student". Without touching the barely implied racism of this statement, what's actually somewhat surprising is that, historically, most mass rampage killers like this are white males.
I might (stress on MIGHT) do penny loafers with shorts (depending on the shape of the loafer - the RLPL barksdale would look ridiculous, for example). Definitely no socks. I often do driving loafers, camp mocs, or boat shoes, again, without socks.
My condolences.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Why don't you ring them up and ask what they mean by "business casual". It is the only way to be sure. The term is so ridiculously vague that it can mean almost anything. This results in enormous variability from country to country, state to state, firm to firm - not to from office to office. That is the worst thing about such a meaninglessly vague dress code. It actually makes life far more difficult rather than...
What about the RLPL Barksdales? Unfortunately, I don't see them on the website anymore. I have them in dark oak, and I think they were also available in chestnut.
Quote: Please do not assault us. Well, since you said please...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. My God was a horrible tragedy. Quoted for Freudian slip. In all seriousness, this is just horrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by chriss if you have nothing to say moooove along But I thought you said any comments were welcome. However, you're right that I was being a bit of a wiseass, so here are my comments (all IMHO, so take then for what they're worth): 1. Why did you have a suit tailored and how much are you paying? You're only 17, and most likely are still growing. This wasn't necessarily the best use of money. Do you plan to...
I think the site is generally quite well-moderated. There is only one banning I can think of that was unjustified (IMHO), and that person has been allowed back in under a different name. I guess I can see where a newcomer could be taken aback by some posts, but I think a little time spent here would allow anyone to realize the vast majority of "offensive" posts are obviously tongue-in-cheek and are more along the lines of locker room joking and ball busting among...
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