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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I prefer hardwood. I agree. I absolutely love my hardwood drapes.
I always try to dress like my PORSCHE when I take my wife shopping on RODEO DRIVE. I usually leave the FERRARI at home, as I've found it's not a good vehicle for shopping (at least not at any shopping area that the general public might have heard about). I find that wearing my ROLEX is a good start, as all the salepeople instantly want to talk with me and flatter me about my expensive, refined tastes. I've actually been in stores where the salespeople have broken out...
Rolex suit Cristal (for Ed) Rolex Bvlgari suit Rolex suit suit Rolex
Quote: Originally Posted by j Not so: All my pictures seem to be evaporating from my posts lately, and I'm too technologically challenged to understand why, but let's try this:
Quote: Originally Posted by j If it were 0 here it would probably be snowing so if I went outside I'd probably be wearing some variation of this (most likely without the helmet):
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel which is the girl? I meant the girl on the right.
I'd just like to say that I really liked the Goths from The Amazing Race. They were fun, and the girl was a babe under all of that make up and bad hair.
He should've put on some dark glasses and told the bus driver she was a seeing eye dog, and thus should be allowed on the bus.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I also receive pleas for reconsideration after many bannings, and after learning my lesson, I just don't respond to those in case the person turns out to be unstable. You need to learn to just drink your mid-stream and relax. P.S. Please don't hurt me.
Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 Rolex Thunderbird why so many haters on the Rolex brand? Because they are mainstream? Didn't you know that you can't be a real watch lover unless you hate Rolex? It's sort of like how audiophiles hate Bose and coffee lovers hate Starbucks.
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