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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Kirsten Davis is hot no matter what style she's got Me, I would looooooove to see her in a mod/traditional skinhead or rockabilly girl getup I agree. I admit that I posted the picture more for Kristen Davis than for her particular style. I was never a big fan of SATC, but I'd watch her reciting from the phone book. She was far and away the most attractive of the four main characters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mute For bourbon, give me A.H. Hirsch. I still have a couple of bottle of 20 years stashed away. Nice. I don't think you can even find the 20 yo anymore. I have a bottle of the 16 yo, but now that the price has shot up to around $120 or so, it's the last bottle I'll ever have unless someone bestows another on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karo Btw, is American Eagle the gay lesbian sister of A&F? American Eagle is to A&F as Pepsi is to Coke (or Burger King is to McDonalds), IMHO.
I was finally able to see Michael Clayton this weekend. I really enjoyed it. A fairly straight forward drama/suspense film, but very well written and acted. I thought it captured the workings of a large law firm about as well as any movie I've seen centering on the subject. Of course, I've never heard of a large law firm employing a "fixer," but that was part of the suspension of disbelief necessary for the viewing of most movies. I still need to see No Country for...
I've said it before, but A&F, as much as their derided here, must be doing something right. Perhaps they're just appealing to the brainless masses, but I imagine they're laughing all the way to the bank.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I have already given up casual sex, almost all my drinking, drugs, almost all coffee. I am trying hard to cut down on eating. I gave up on bring a gym rat. I have hardly bought any clothes in the past 4 years - possibly less, in terms of a fraction of my gross income, than anybody else here. I pretty much gave up reading, I pretty much gave up watching tv. I could give up on cigars and water pipes, if I had...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Sharapova/Ivanovic is the ying to Jean King/Navratilova's yang (or is it wang) It's okay; King and Navratilova aren't interested in you (or me) anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian Brad Mehdau's soundtrack to the French movie My Wife is an Actress, the latter of whom is Charlotte Gainsbourg. It's extremely difficult to get hold of, however. I actually went to school with Brad Mehldau from grammar school through high school. We were pretty close friends in grammar and middle school, but drifted apart in high school. He always was an outstanding pianist.
If one hundred people break the rules, 99 will get away with it and 1 will be caught. I will be the 1 who is caught.
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