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Quote: Originally Posted by Roland Loden of Germany Are cine lover members familiar with the great American film named "Nuke Them Highschool"? I believe you mean:
My memory's a little foggy, but: "You don't want to look in there." "One in every car."
Of the Mets, Sox, and Yankees, I'm not surprised Santana ended up with the Mets, as they had the greatest need. As others have pointed out, I am surprised at the return package, particularly given the rumored demands the Twins made on both the Sox and Yanks. OTOH, the Twins are generally very good judges of talent. Perhaps they see a lot of potential that we lay people do not.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Here is a pic or two of the S/S Black Fleece from what seems to be advanced copy of the look book. That trench coat is in the new Details. Interesting. I actually like the madras suit (though I'd break the pieces up and would be more inclined toward the jacket than the trousers).
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Eh, they hide us away in the branch offices. Do you need to check your car daily for explosives (or, as you probably say it, "zee boom-boom")?
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Let me take them right back off the list. There have been a few threads about Filson here. Most of their production moved to Hong Kong about 5 (maybe more) years ago. If you go to their store on 4th in SoDo, the little workshop you see is mostly for repairs. Their quality has also diminished greatly, I took a shirtjac in to have a seem fixed and the guy working there was surprised at how low the quality of the...
+1 on Bobby's. Looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Kristin Davis has a huge ass IRL. ...and I don't care.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn The redeeming quality of AE is that they don't go out of their way to sell teenage flesh. Granted, they're both pushing similar lifestyles to teens. Agreed. The main problem I have with A&F has very little to do with their clothing. You can get pretty much the same stuff at Polo, J. Crew, or, of course, AE. I just hate the way they market themselves. I guess I'm just not a part of the whole...
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I bought a bottle of this ($20) and wasn't thrilled. I think I prefer Eagle Rare, and maybe Wild Turkey. But I may have been off point, still pissed about knocking a full, opened bottle of gin off the counter and onto the floor, where it broke into two dozen pieces. I can see prefering Eagle Rare to BT, but not the regular label Wild Turkey. For the price, I honestly think Eagle and BT are two of...
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