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Finally, a lottery I could win. I'd probably be a shoe-in for Shirley Jackson's lottery, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah So basically lawyers never jump ship after a couple years as an Associate right? And they all know they will make partners right? Why don't we stick with the firm that I mentioned like Cravath for now since I can't imagine a firm where people show up in board shorts like you said. Of course associates jump ship and do so often. However, the implication of your original post was that those who leave early...
Don't like those at all. Save yourself some money and buy some Sperry authentic originals.
I'd be surprised if firms like Cadwalader or Winston & Strawn don't have a formal dress policy which outlines what you can and cannot wear. Even firms which have adopted casual dress codes generally maintain such a policy (e.g. no sweats, no jeans, no collarless shirts, no open-toed shoes for men, etc.). When I used to work at a large firm that adopted the casual dress code, people would get sent home to change from time to time for violating the rules. To me, what's...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Matt will be happy that you are picking up my slack. The girl i just broke up with used to fuck with me like that when she had no intention of having sex. I know why she did it. It was revenge for times when I would finish and she wouldn't. What can I say? Sometimes i just don't feel like having it drag out. When it comes to women, you have an interesting combination of arrogance and ignorance.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Stupid robots, humans do it better!
Quote: Originally Posted by redgrail link? Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Any West Marine store carries them for less than $40. Bought mine there for $34, iirc. Don't know if I can do better than less than $40, but for online shops check out: I'm sure there are several other sites. Just google...
Every now and then I get the idea that there's more going on in this forum than I can ever hope to understand. In the end, this is probably a good thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf What's the deal with suits? Let's just all wear sweatpants and t-shirts. If it's cold, MORE t-shirts. If it's dressy, BLACK t-shirts. Only if they're "distressed" and have huge logos on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite wow, urban outfitters is now selling bass penny loafers and sperry topsiders. the sperrys don't really surprise me, but the bass loafers... well, they speak for themselves. You can get the Sperrys much cheaper elsewhere.
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