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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday The toe shape on those seems better than on many AE wholecuts, but still, no. Not a fan at all. If they lost the broguing, it looks like they'd have a nice wholecut. As it stands, however, I agree with everyone else; awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Long Island iced tea. He probably wants to remember at least a part of the evening. Since you've never had alcohol before, if you want to enjoy it, I'd suggest vodka based drinks. Most people take awhile to warm up to bourbon or scotch. A rum & coke would probably be a good choice, as would the aforementioned G&T. For beer in an Irish pub, go with Harp or Smithwick's. Guinness is...
The Kray brothers: And from the movie based on their lives: http://vancootenshop.com/osshop/images/krays.jpg
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Is the show called Lost b/c that's what everyone is after every episode? Seriously, I think it's a good show but after every episode I feel like I have no clue what the fuck is going on lol. You have to just give yourself over to the creators of the series and hope that it all works out in the end. As it is, it's certainly one of the more interesting series to come along in quite some time. If the...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Haggard goes off half-cocked!!!!!!!! He's quit his de-homofication course and is leaving the process "incomplete"!!!!! dehomocoitus interruptus!!! http://www.coloradoconfidential.com/...o?diaryId=3422 Let me get this straight (so to speak). It's possible that an uncured ghey is walking the streets among us?
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril Oh, this is going to be great!
Johnnie Walker Red and soda or Dewar's and soda. In the summer, Beefeater gin and tonic. For some bourbon straight or on the rocks, Maker's Mark (sweeter) Knob Creek or Eagle Rare (smokier), or Buffalo Trace (a good balance between sweet and smoky).
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I don't want to go blind before the weekend Somebody please, please, please take this one.
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