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Just dropping by to see how everything's going, and I came across this thread. I don't come around too often anymore, and I don't recognize as many names as I used to (new people? senility?), but it's good to see the place is still going strong. I won't be able to make the party (wrong side of the country), but I wish everyone the best. Sounds like a great time. P.S. Still shopping at Brooks Brothers and wearing Alden - finally managed to swing myself a Rolex Sub, too,...
I love being married. For me, it was definitely the right choice. I've just come through a difficult time period (lost my job in February of '08 and was out of work for 9 1/2 months). Having the support of my wife during that time period was invaluable. It was very hard, but would have been much harder without her.
I'm back, too (and the CROWD GOES "so?"), though I imagine I'll be posting a lot less than I used to. My absence can be explained by the fact that I was laid off back in February, but found a new job in December. I think they're a bit more rigid about internet rules here, so I won't be doing a lot of posting from work. I have taken the opportunity to do some lurking in the past couple of weeks after not having even visited the site for a long time. Nothing's really...
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Just don't do this when you bench... Every now and then I'd see a guy at the gym who would bench without wrapping his thumbs around the bar. I always wondered whether it was safe. Now I know...
What seals it for me is that Clemens is claiming that his wife not only took HGH, but that she got it from Brian McNamee, all without his knowledge. McNamee is a shady character in his own right, but I'm just not buying what Roger is selling.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Can you say "Mike Hargrove", boys and girls? I believe Hargrove used to be referred to as "the human rain delay."
I'm in the same boat as Bradford. I'm on here a lot, and I read a lot of the threads, but I don't post that often given the amount of time I've been a member.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Working? What is our goal, again?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho I've always played mind games and it works brilliantly in this context. Gosh, I feel so used.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho Lol at "shut your mouth." what are you 12? As opposed to the incredible maturity reflected in the belief that wearing the color pink is a gay trait?
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