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  Anyone aside from fritzl talking about shoes is hilarious to fritzl.
Money clip in the breast pocket with a couple of hunneds poking out. Bitches love cash.
Since you can't decrease the width of your hip bones, you're going to have to work out your chest/back/upper body to get a more masculine V-shape. That's pretty much all there is to it.
At first I thought there was a 'minute repeater' joke in there.
I sure do love to wear what celebs wear!
To be honest I would ask for it to be re-made. There are a lot of issues going on there. Sorry :(
You are mistaken. They were not 'designed to accept something'. It was a trend which lead to the 'coining' (fuck me) of the name.
You're all dolts - clearly HermesMan has moved onto suits.
My understanding is that it was made out of sticky-tape.
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