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    It is an old model. They are not available anywhere else at the moment, I think. Ebay.co.uk, Ebay.com and selling forums.
Lane looks very costumey. I must say the hair isn't that awful.
  Glenn Boot in black.
^ +1. Some of them yes, some of them no. I don't think there's a right answer to this question.  
  Prada side zips. How is the quality? I like the texture on the leather.
Fuck the others, it's all about fashion and you.
The Glenn kinda reminds me of some n.d.c's from the past.    
Both of these Paul Smith x Triumph boots were on yoox private room.     http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/PAUL+SMITH/dept/preview/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/44335213NS/sts/sr_preview80     http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/PAUL+SMITH/dept/preview/tskay/3B47AB92/rr/1/cod10/44335210/sts/sr_preview80
^ agreed. the ricards are miles ahead of most other boots, especially work boots.
    Quote:   I've bought several. As afc345 said they're a bit cheap looking e.g. plastic buttons, but last well and the fit works great for me. Slim and short cut.
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