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I did this two years ago. Chase was offering a $75 bonus then. Basically I was pissed at US Bank because they closed all the ATMs around here, which meant I was paying like a $4 fee everytime I withdrew money, and most of the time it was from a Chase ATM. So I switched to Chase, since I needed to switch anyway, and got the cash. You have to watch out though - I believe it requires at least 2 Direct Deposits of something like $100 to go through and at least 15 withdrawals...
I noticed a pair of my shoes were starting to look a bit scuffed, so they went off to Goodwill. More than likely someone will get a better job than I have wearing them to an interview. Shirts and so on also go off to goodwill once they've started to look a bit worn. Jeans go to my little brother.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited If I write a check to one of my friends I went to high school with, I'll draw a huge, hairy, erupting penis on the memo line. I'm sure they love cashing/depositing the check. I think by banking rules, you can't scribble over it for security reasons Back when I was in high school, I didn't have a car or my license so a friend would drive me to and from school. In return, I'd pay him like $20 a month. Well,...
I got paranoid and just checked my bank account to make sure all was kosher.
I'm buying my first pair of Nudie jeans, but I'm unsure of what size to get since I realize they stretch. I typically wear a 32x30 (Yeah, I'm fatter than I am tall). Should I go for a 30x30 instead?
I don't know. I thought this movie was terrible. At one point in time I strongly considered walking out, or just going to sleep in the theater. Like, I really had to try to focus in the movie. Brad Pitt played the role decently, though it was a role that he's about 10 years too old for. Perhaps if this movie came out immediately after Fight Club, he would've been a good cast. Not anymore though. Malkovich was great. The film however was just not that good. It all seemed...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T I highly recommend anyone considering the purchase of an Acer immediately begin reconsidering. Could you maybe explain a bit more? I was considering purchasing an Aspire strictly for the purposes of an internet machine. Reviews seem to be good for what the intent and price are. The only downside is that the solid state drives seem to be a bit buggy.
Humanities 210 - Critical & Logical Thinking Accounting 215 - Financial Accounting Marketing 320 - Advertising Math 215 - Statistical Concepts Between Accounting & Stats, I don't think I'll be doing much sleeping.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I don't get how she actually was able to blend in for a few weeks. I'd have a hard time believing that woman was a high-schooler. Yeah. I mean, it's not like she was just 24-25 years old. We're talking about a 33 year old!
Quote: Originally Posted by binatang I have few pairs of Clarks. Nice designs but the leather isn't the best ... probably corrected grain/polished leather. Don' have to go overboard with them due to this. Regular shoe cream & brushing between wears should suffice. Shoe trees or the orginal inserts will do fine as well. Thanks. I don't really know what shoe trees are, but I'll walk around Target for about an hour and I should eventually find...
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