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It's not a diss song... The beat is ok at best and the verses are absolutely mental. The KONY-thing is a Biggie-reference, but I get why it stirs shit up. Honestly though, what does New York have to counter with at the moment?   Edit: This is a great discussion that sums up what's so important about the verse:  
  He's not Mace, Mace has been cast. Roger Ashton-Griffiths.
I also figured out something about Joffrey   [[SPOILER]]
That Red Bulls - RLS game was absolutely bonkers.
  Adam Sessler interviews the creator of Tetris. Pretty awesome.
We need to talk about this, because it's awesome. Just finished it, and I would hold it above House of Cards. Netflix are on a roll...!
I really hope they ret-con the priest from Theons baptism to being Damphair. He was awesome.
It really is. The way it can take me from laughing hysterically to being on the verge of tears and vice-versa in minutes is very rare for a show.
Bunch of OL cause OL is amazing: [[SPOILER]]
All hail king Stitches!
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