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Shades of Greige is the worst.
Holy shit at that black/blue Algae. Incredible.
Ordering dress shoes online feels a bit scary, could anyone recommend a good common brand to benchmark what size I would be in Meermin? Looking at the Hiro-last, but the sizing chart confuses me.
So, on the site it recommends using HopShopGo for international orders, but I can't find Everlane in their list of retailers?
This page is awesome.
 The only game I recognize is life. 
AW 14 - LIGHT   http://www.ourlegacy.se/collection/light
No ragrets Dbear! 
I have two pairs of the HM linen pants KOY is talking about, and they're well worth the price. Sizing is ridiculously inconsistent though. My blue 48s are like a full size larger compared to the black ones.
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