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I really, really like this season. I don't get people who said it was moving too slowly.
I really hope the pregnancy tests are her way of checking if she still has medication in her body. Can't take pregnancy-drama.
Yeah, 37 is bordering on XS.
Just bought a pair of combat boots, how should I lace them? Straight or crossed?
 Can we update this? Who has started stocking?
Analyst working with Saul is hawt.
What the fuck is this? Is Acolyth affiliated?
Where the alpaca scarves at this season?
I really need glasses.  
Well, I live in Stockholm, so yeah. Haven't actually handled that one in particular this season, but their outerwear is definitely a lot more solid than tees and jeans for example.   It looked awesome from a distance of about 8 feet.
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