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Nosetalgia is song of the year, both Pushas and Kendricks verses are 10/10.
I've been looking at those as well, but have learned the hard way never to order pants I haven't tried on first.
Eddie's naivety was hilarious/adorable.     Edit: Just got to the singing. Eddie is the best.
Old is Danny Brown's It Was Written.
  Has this gone through RFT yet? It's quite... something... Lot's of fashion-commentary in there. Y'all ever seen Wreck it Ralph?!?!
Dude playing Richard is so good.
    I want to relax with Lena too.  
http://i.minus.com/ibm7P9YUPVVK5e.gif   // dead. Game of all time.
 Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know about waiting? When George R.R. Martin hides for years, and children are born and live and die all without a new book coming out. That is the time for waiting my little lord.
  This is gorgeus, but I already have way too many jackets...
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