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I had a pretty bad case of sepsis a couple of weeks ago and lost a few minor hip muscles, and even though it sounds ridiculous losing the option of dressing how I want is really depressing. Currently it's all sweats and untied Roshes. Hospital steeze.
That looks less woolly than in the lookbook. 
  Man, I need this coat. Last time I got a piece of outerwear in S from Uniqlo it fit like a tent though, despite usually being between S and M.   What's the shirt-thing underneath? I can't see anything collarless listed.
I went into CE the other day after not having been there in a couple of years. I quickly remembered why. The entire 20 minutes was me looking like this:  
That coat is insane.
Bill Murray as Baloo with full music rights is gonna be 10/10.   Thanks COS, just what I was looking for this fall.
 That checkered Score coat and the jade Points cardigan. 
This season is pretty fucking bad.
PS4. It's not available everywhere in Europe for some reason.
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