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I went into CE the other day after not having been there in a couple of years. I quickly remembered why. The entire 20 minutes was me looking like this:  
That coat is insane.
Bill Murray as Baloo with full music rights is gonna be 10/10.
http://www.cosstores.com/se/Men/New/Wool_apron/32936657-34950502.1#34950504   Thanks COS, just what I was looking for this fall.
 That checkered Score coat and the jade Points cardigan. 
This season is pretty fucking bad.
PS4. It's not available everywhere in Europe for some reason.
I'm still stuck in Hearthstone.   Also, waiting for that Witcher-patch.
Witcher 3 brehs.
Are the easy-care oxfords worth the price increase?
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