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I get that it caters to the people watching the show, I really do, but I still feel cheated of the visualization of one of the greatest chapters in the entire series.    I have to praise the Arya/Jaqen scene though, absolutely brilliant.   Edit: And the Theon-scenes! My drowned god that was good.
Just wow... As a bookreader, a lot of things bugged me with this episode...    House of the Undying suuuuuuucked. Soooooo bad.
WDs are doing fine as far as I know. Zombie bears is supposed to be awesome.
Good point. 
I think all classes that have "consistant hits" can benefit a lot from life on hit, so Barb, Monk, and DH. It's really the best life regen when stacked high.
While waiting for the last ep. I found this. Think there are some very vague "name-drop spoilers" in there, so if you're sensitive, stay clear.       Way better than I would've guessed.
Virgin girl looks like Sarah Silverman.
Last as in number 9.
I was probably remembering € prices, which would make sense with what snake said. 
  Around 550 if I'm not mistaken?
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