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Good point. 
I think all classes that have "consistant hits" can benefit a lot from life on hit, so Barb, Monk, and DH. It's really the best life regen when stacked high.
While waiting for the last ep. I found this. Think there are some very vague "name-drop spoilers" in there, so if you're sensitive, stay clear.       Way better than I would've guessed.
Virgin girl looks like Sarah Silverman.
Last as in number 9.
I was probably remembering € prices, which would make sense with what snake said. 
  Around 550 if I'm not mistaken?
Why the hell is my contrived explanation for my nickname in that list?    Anyway, the last bloody level from 59 -> 60 is pretty frustrating. I suck, since the gear is bad, but I don't want to spend money on level 59 gear when it's so close...
So tempted to spend all my money on a set for my monk, but I suspect they fall under the "legendaries being reworked" category, so I should really hold off... 
The entire EU server just booted everyone out with error 1, followed by error 3006, followed by error 37.   An error a day keeps Diablo away.   I want my money back... 
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