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It's made up in comparison with the books, one of the biggest departures they've done from the original story. This leads to everyone sort of fumbling in the dark, which is an entirely new feeling to GoT-fans who have read the books.
stitches ffs, look 2.22 into this video.     Anywho, does anyone have any theories on Doreah? The fact that she's "missing" has me wondering if she plays any part in this plot they've made up. 
There is a rune on DH that is sort of similar to Blessed Hammer, with a throwing star or whatever. But remember, BH wasn't that overpowered until they brought in the synergies in one of the patches.
  Yep, so no more "tele to boss"-runs really. And besides, this game is built more around the champions/unique monsters that are randomly spawned, so clearing entire areas will be key.
  Very happy.  I'm also thinking WD for my first playthrough, but I'm not sure. I want someone who feels right storywise, since I'll play it the first time only for that. Currently I'm torn between the male WD, because he has an awesome voice, or the female wizard, since her backstory is intriguing and seems to fit in well. Negatives are the fact that the male WD has Parkinsons, and the female wizard is a bit of a brat.   The barb should really be ideal, but I just don't...
I love how they're going wild with Danys storyline compared to the books, it was much needed.   Also, Pyat Pree is bad-ass.
    http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/05/09/get-to-know-diablo   There you go. Might take you 10 minutes.
I know, I was being slightly facetious.  Even though I understand it's a habit, and they die hard, it's just so unfitting in the rest of the Diablo-context.
What the fuck is a toon?   Edit:   http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=toon         Ah, of course!
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