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That girl is hawt.
I'm actually seriously considering getting the refund...  Just lump off all my stuff on a friend, get my money back, and if I ever start playing again have a debt to collect... 
I've been doing some US HC when the EU servers have been down. Add me if you want to, worakl#2366 there too.   I love HC, it just feels so much more important. I'm breaking every barrel for that extra gold.
  The Corner I would assume, based on previous posts.   I am not seeing this Ervell-sale? Edit: Now I see it, not on all things apparently.
Can't search for wizard sources on the AH based on the +damage. 
"How I feel kiting with my Wizard in inferno."   
Time to sell some legendaries then.
^ The song.     [[SPOILER]]
I find what really affects how bad a pack of blues/yellows are is the monster type they're spawned on. I mean, Hulking Phasebeasts with base teleport, I can pretty much solo A1 inferno, but a pack of them in hell and I'm toast regardless of affixes almost.
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