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This should be shown to everyone posting photos from shitty angles, so they understand the importance:  
How does the Farfetch-sale work exactly? Isn't it just a consolidation of different sites?
 This is bullshit, since the stock is the same for all customers. I mean, Corner and Mr Porter differentiating on region makes sense, because it's essentially different websites, but a Swedish shop limiting a sale to US customers? Fuck you.
Our Legacy   HOT WEEKEND For a limited time only we are offering the members of  our newsletter 20% OFF on all orders*. To receive your discount simpy enter the voucher code: HOTWEEKEND  in the coupon box at checkout. Offer ends Sunday 25th May at 23.59 CET. * Offer excludes Eau De Cologne, Splash and selected Suede items.
They should just have spent 80% of the season in San Marcos instead of coke-Pam for 80%. Cyril as a dictator and Krieger-clones had so much more potential.
Kevan has been around throughout the seasons. This is him:  
FTL on iPad is out as well. Updated version with new features for free for PC tomorrow.
All the MCers getting on that SS-train.    SS-train sounds wrong.... 
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