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Knits are really what I'm usually most impressed by. Shirts and outerwear can also be really good for the price.   The tees are trash, as are the jeans.
That last pair of shorts. 
So, twill vs. canvas weekender, anyone bought the former?
  Cheers guys. Got plenty of COS and Filippa K in Stockholm, but Stijl sounds right up my alley and the exhibition should be cool if I have time.
How does one kill half a day in Brussels? Any Schneider/Dries-sales on? SIPANG PLS.
What are those sipang-Adidas?
E3 soon!   http://i.minus.com/iKrEzh3Bl9oMr.gif   Gif too big to embed. 
 Eat at Bo De B in Barcelona, the queue is totally worth it. Also, not sure why you'd wanna go to Marseille.
 I got the same code I think, so it's not personal
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