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SS is always kinda meh, but womens #19. 
 Did it subtract 25% for you on the perfumes? I just tried it on the UK-site with some in the Incense-series without any luck, despite the SNS-sweater in the same basket being discounted. Edit: Oh, SNS must've been on the US-website. Such confusion. Edit 2: Jaisalmer and Ouarzazate kopped, sweet.
Caliroots 30% off everything, including Our Legacy and Common Projects.
 http://www.gravitypope.com/clothing/product/6320-stephan-schneider-aw1313-64-wick Labeled as such.
Green Wick Coat at G-Pope is amazing.
Why doesn't the director of the CIA have a proper security detail and why isn't his place of residence secure?
Same here... No Chicago, no New York, no villain showing up. For a pen-ultimate episode it was incredibly weak.
Preggo-Carrie. Why?     Edit: OH SHIT. 
I really, really like this season. I don't get people who said it was moving too slowly.
I really hope the pregnancy tests are her way of checking if she still has medication in her body. Can't take pregnancy-drama.
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