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All the MCers getting on that SS-train.    SS-train sounds wrong.... 
The one pair I've owned were really, really bad. Holes in the seems in the pockets after like a week, studs falling off, wearing out really fast in weird places.
 It's ridiculously good.
Your place looks awesome.
 That's because what they showed earlier, that everybody assumed was CG, was actually in-game graphics. It's that good looking.
Team is now Charmeleon, Drowzee, Pigeotto, Spearow, Ratatta and Ratatta. Balanced.
So, has people seen Twitch Plays Pokemon? Someone modded an emulator to take inputs from Twitch-chat, and currently the situation is pretty much "14000 monkeys and a typewriter":   http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon   After 2 days they've beaten 2 gyms.  
 Well met! Aren't you already on my friends-list? Or is that just Steam?
What did the merino coat retail for? 850? Think I'm gonna have to bank on snagging it at 30% off.
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