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Some insane deals on SP this week. I want the green coat so bad, but I don't have that kind of money to drop on outerwear at the moment. 
^ Only US so far. Anyway, picked this up from a local brand:     Just a decent all-rounder I think. Then I'm looking at these for the next one:   http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/ties/handrolled-semi-solid-cashmere-tie-bottle-green-navy.html   http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/ties/donegal-silk-tie-navy.html   http://www.poszetka.com/product-eng-1618-Tie-grenadine.html
Hey MCers of CM. I'm a freshly baked student just out of college, and I'm looking for some tie-assistance. I currently own this suit:   So a very standard navy affair. I own plain white and blue shirts to go with it, but no acceptable ties. I'm looking to get maybe 2-4 to start out with, and I'm not made of money even if I can stretch the budget a bit (any good sales going on?). Anyway, I'm just looking for advice on where my priorities should be in terms of materials,...
So, was there gonna be restocks ahead of christmas or not?
Arena is great after TGT. Paladins are cancer, but they should be slightly weaker after LoE.
Did the EU-site disappear?
 Everything but the wool coat. 
I have the first pair of Nikes but without the leather side, they're amazing.
I assumed it was just correct spelling and paragraphed.
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