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I have two pairs of the HM linen pants KOY is talking about, and they're well worth the price. Sizing is ridiculously inconsistent though. My blue 48s are like a full size larger compared to the black ones.
Picked up Risk of Rain, Shadowrun Returns, and Marlow Briggs so far. Last one looks hilarious, blaxploitation GoW.   My Steam-sale PSA is that everybody should own Rogue Legacy because it's crazy value.
So uh, this store has an obscene amount of SS @ 60% off:   http://www.thestylechamber.com/brands/Stephan-Schneider.html?page=1&sort=newest
It's subtle, but not invisible. Close enough you can easily see that there is a pattern there, it's less obvious that it's floral though.
 Bought it yesterday, it's amazing. A bit short in the body but hey, it's a bomber. The fabric is so cool, and it's surprisingly light.
  Our Legacy overdyed linen bomber. 
Knits are really what I'm usually most impressed by. Shirts and outerwear can also be really good for the price.   The tees are trash, as are the jeans.
That last pair of shorts. 
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