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Been looking for this ever since I bought the pants on a sample sale. Apparently missed one on Ebay a couple of months back.
I got my hidden plackets, and I really like them for the price. Fit well, quality seems at least on par with other Uniqlo-stuff, and they have this nice folded cuff for an extra detail. The green is moss green.
Can't wait to see Bene in these:  
 I read this as "nothing you've heard of before" and thought to myself "damn, sipang has gone mental".
I haven't seen any real pics of either green coats or jackets, people mostly seemed to try on the black stuff?
 Making me regret not picking up the coat now. Good to hear the quality was shit. 
I'm... actually passing on everything having seen better pics. The mock neck is way thinner than I was expecting.   Edit: Screw it, white and green hidden placket shirts ordered because that's usually hard to find.
 Green and black... shit.
I liked the idea of transparent ankle boots.
 Digitally-savvy design students are questioning the omnipresence of athleisure in a post-luxury economy. And the industry is on the same page. As if. 
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