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Bomber: Our Legacy Polo: COS Jeans: Weekday Boots: Hope Gas mask: Pripyat
Anyone got any Kiev-gems to share?
What's good when it comes to pants/shorts this season? Stuff is on sale and my interest is piqued.
So, I bought a pair of navy Roshes (white sole), then ran into this image...     They released back in 2014 so no chance getting a pair now, but does anyone know if that sole is navy as well, or black? Because I can id a pair with a black sole, but it looks like a major contrast on the website.
Speaking of Instagram, can someone recommend a few to follow? I'm just looking to fill my feed with nice stuff. Clothes, architecture, art etc. Not so much food, I got enough of that.   I'm especially on the lookout for something like https://www.instagram.com/gabuccidonna , but without the parts that come with it being the official account for a womenswear store.   Women's fashion but without pencil skirts and bad quotes about success maybe?
As someone living in Europe, is it possible to have it arranged so that if I order a pair of Ilcea Radica-shoes that they get shipped straight from Portugal to me, instead of travelling back and forth over the Atlantic?   Nevermind, I should've read the full terms.
The Claire-sidekick has a killer outfit in episode 2. Very Dries FW11.
Man, some Johnny Dramas up in here.  
I found it, the perfect gif for SF beefs.
TLOP is great.
New Posts  All Forums: