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Ordered 4 samples of MFK, and I think Lumière Noire PH is going to become a full purchase. It feels like the perfect scent for me.   Masculine Pluriel, Petit Matin, and Grand Soir were all just alright.
Small wins are better than none.
So, does CETA mean that I can start ordering from SP without paying customs fees? 
Bomber: Our Legacy Polo: COS Jeans: Weekday Boots: Hope Gas mask: Pripyat
Anyone got any Kiev-gems to share?
What's good when it comes to pants/shorts this season? Stuff is on sale and my interest is piqued.
So, I bought a pair of navy Roshes (white sole), then ran into this image...     They released back in 2014 so no chance getting a pair now, but does anyone know if that sole is navy as well, or black? Because I can id a pair with a black sole, but it looks like a major contrast on the website.
Speaking of Instagram, can someone recommend a few to follow? I'm just looking to fill my feed with nice stuff. Clothes, architecture, art etc. Not so much food, I got enough of that.   I'm especially on the lookout for something like , but without the parts that come with it being the official account for a womenswear store.   Women's fashion but without pencil skirts and bad quotes about success maybe?
As someone living in Europe, is it possible to have it arranged so that if I order a pair of Ilcea Radica-shoes that they get shipped straight from Portugal to me, instead of travelling back and forth over the Atlantic?   Nevermind, I should've read the full terms.
The Claire-sidekick has a killer outfit in episode 2. Very Dries FW11.
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