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If you click on "Advanced Options" under the search box, you can search posts by username from a forum, but not an individual thread.Bonus feature: You can save an advanced search for later use.
For those experiencing slowness, please see this thread- thanks.
The Huddler platform relies on a lot of new-ish web technologies like AJAX and YUI that the old board did not. If you're running older web browsers that don't have a great javascript engine, you may find some slowness. My advice would be to either upgrade to IE8 or use FireFox or Chrome... you'll likely find your experience on all websites will increase drastically. I'm happy to help identify some slowness issues that some of you may be experiencing. If anyone is...
I'm here from the Huddler Team to answer technical questions for the next couple of days... But I don't think I'd make the best therapist for those suffering from Old Forum Withdrawal.
I'm Hiland, and I'm on the Partner Success Team at Huddler, the company that powers the new Styleforum. I'll be checking this forum over the next few days and trying to answer any questions that you have about the new forum layout, letting you know where things are, how things work, and responding to any bugs that you might find. Reply here or start a new thread, and I'll try to get you an answer is quickly as possible. Also feel free to PM me if you want.
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