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If you can follow the steps in this thread, I might be able to help you with performance issues.
The Rich Text Editor is a piece of 3rd party software that some users like but many have found it to cause errors. SF users were defaulted to the BbCode editor, as it is similar to what was on the old platform and causes fewer problems.There's been some delay in email notifications going out, but that will resolve in the next 24-48 hours.The forum lists will take you to the last post in a thread. Our Platform doesn't record the last unread post.The only other place you...
I'm afraid the Activity Stream doesn't support these settings right now, sorry.
Because the site just launched, the "Search Index" is still building, which means that search is still "learning" the content of the site. Not every thread has been indexed yet- this should improve over the next couple of days.
Our RSS feeds don't currently handle the images from BST galleries, sorry.
If you look right under the reply box, you'll see a drop-down- just set the threshold where you want it and reply. The system will remember your preferences.If you want to manage your subscriptions, you'll see a link for this on your user page- just click on your username in the upper right of any page.
Sorry- we don't support hybrid mode... In fact, it appears that you were the only person on the old board that was using hybrid mode, and the first one to ever request this across our 25 sites.
If the fonts on the site are too small for you, you can always bump up the size in your browser... if you're using Chrome, the browser will always remember your increased zoom every time you come back... not sure if IE or FireFox will do that.
Can you post a screenshot, along with your browser and OS configuration? I personally use Jing for screenshots.
Sorry, no- we don't have a preference for disabling those images.If you boss asks, just tell him or her that you're buying them a present and they just ruined the surprise. Then ask for a raise.
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