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Hey guys, so I was wondering the durability of new cures? I've had two pairs of raw mij 19cm diors and both of them ripped at the crotch area in about a year and a half (3-4 wears a week). I didn't size down in the diors and went with my true size of 30, the waist has stretched a lot and is really big on me, however the jean still fits really tight. My tights are pretty big and is probably the main reason I can't size down and still get a comfortable fit. I was...
Got these awhile back, unfortunately they're a little too small for me. Is there anyway they'll stretch out if I wear them? Anyways there up for sale now if anyone is interested.
Hey guys I got a question about sizing. So a 39.5 in YSL rolling sneakers fits me perfect. Would I be a 39 or 40 in Balenciaga Arenas. I don't think they make half sizes? Also do the highs fit bigger then the lows and if so how much bigger? Thanks in advance.
To be honest I don't really care. Everything is a matter of opinion and in my opinion these jeans were worth the price.
Been lurking on this forum for awhile but finally decided to make an account, here are my recent purchases Lanvin Burberry Brit
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