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does anyone know where i can find the brand Brooksfield in the us? i have only been able to find it in italy
hello, On a recent trip to Miami i ran in a brand Harmont and Blaine. it seemed the y have beautiful products but i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them or another company i was wondering about was Piombo. i have started hearing about them from a few friends. does anyone have experience with either brand in terms of quality or fit of the clothing?
ovadia and sons has a purple horizontal stripe shirt i am 5'9 150 relativity slim build is horizontal stripe a good look?
[/URL] here is a picture of two shirt that i am trying to get ties for and the suit is at the tailors being taken in but here i s a close up to get a color gauge. i am not too sure what direction to go in with the ties or with the pocket square.
hello i have recently purchased a navy gingham shirt with a cutaway collar. i was wondering on a tie recommendation in terms of color or pattern to go with it. i would like to have a bolder look with the shirt. also i was wondering the rule on pocket squares,. should the color be completely different? the suit i would wear with it is a navy windowpane
Hunger by Knut Hamsun
an array of colors in either is being looked for mostly reds, blues or purples
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