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It's so fucking hard to be a rich guy at the thrift store, looking for savings on expensive clothes to wear to a fancy job! I'm sick and tired of parents who have to take their children with them when they shop! Especially when the children behave like children! Why don't they just get a nanny?! I have two! The worst is when they're immigrants who don't speak English. My ancestors came over the Bering Straight before Christ was born, and they've ALWAYS SPOKEN...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Most of the time I will buy something if I like it and think I can fit into it (the thrifts I go to don't have a fitting room, and sometimes I like to think I can still fit into a medium). If it doesn't fit, and since they don't accept returns, I'll usually toss it up on here first, and if it gets no bites I'll put it on eBay. Of course, if I see a brand new Kiton or Isaia suit, or something I know will get decent $ on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku On a side note, I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but any thrift store around here you'll see tons of examples of bad parenting. One particular example from today; A mother and grandmother pushing a screaming and yelling 2-3 y/o boy around in a cart. They boy is making a huge fuss and probably wants to go home and needs a nap. Yet, they both continue to push him around thinking nothing of it. They don't even...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Don't tell him. Assume it's a monogram and start calling him "Giorgio." That's so he can eventually list it on Ebay as "new with tags".
Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 the FB in Tysons, for us in DC, is ok....they did have a big selection of Barbera suits when I was there 2 weeks ago. How does this store compre to the one on Conn. Ave?? I was at the Newton,MA store about 2 weeks ago.They had marked everything waay too high.I found ONE Kiton/ Ciro Paone Cashmere/Silk sportcoat which had the Louis Boston tags for $4700,and it had been marked down to $470 after all the "Red...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Yes, me too. If the Brigg's in as good a condition as you suggest, I'll give you $50 for it right now. Think of the profit! Nice try gents,this one's a keeper.Especially since my treasured Marks& Spencer brolly,(which I had managed to keep for 15 years) was recently stolen from a restaurant with a public coat rack Anyhow,I think it was a higher power which placed the Brigg right there in front of me
Found a beautiful Brigg umbrella in the golf club bin at the local thrift.Malloca wood and shaft,Black canopy,-perfect-no holes or fraying in the canopy.ALso a pair of black, plain toe Brooks English by Peal laceup shoes-Awesome!!! Total price?-$15.00!![/b]
From which Goodwill?
A mint Kiton dress shirt at the Goodwill for $5.99!
[quote=Cuff Link;842711]Who cares about Brady. Green Bay is real football and Farve is a better quarterback. Oh yes,he sure proved this in the OT.Nice pick.Yes,I'm certain that's the headline on the morning paper. The real cheese.
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