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If I don't use the pad it's actually a bit more comfortable. I believe the old design of the pad was just a thinner single piece of leather. The one on mine is two pieces: the top piece being a thinner leather and the bottom piece a thick piece. I fee like it's the thick piece that jams into my traps and shoulders when I wear it. I've considered cutting the stitching as to remove the bottom piece. Not sold on doing it yet though.
Anybody else here find the shoulder pads to be uncomfortable? I've had my 257 for over a year and it's still constantly uncomfortable to use the shoulder pad as a cushion.
These look great on you. What's you inseam? I'm a guy with a bigger butt and thighs who likes a medium/high rise but I also have stumps for legs so I don't think these will look as good on me as they do on you.
Yes definitely! The heel on the Beckman is easily the least aesthetically pleasing thing about the boot. I know some people would say the bulbous toe but I like it.
That chocolate muleskinner would look great waxed like that!
I'm not a fan because it looks too busy. Same reason I don't like the 258. If you need more space though it looks like it could work well.
I've been wanting to see a before and after too but no one seems to have posted anything. I'm considering doing it myself to a tan 257. I'll definitely post here if I go through with it.
Damn I've been wanting to grab a nave 256 for a while now but couldn't justify the price or having 2 briefcases. At $130 though I would have been all over it! Congrats to the guys who were able to order one.
Most likely just at a Red Wing store. I think Amazon has the wide sizes at times. Keep in mind only some models come in wide widths.
Yeah I just used a blow dryer to soften the LP then used my hands to rub it into the boot. After that I used to blow dryer on the boot to get it to seep into all the areas. I then brushed it down with a horse hair brush. The last step I did was repeat the whole process a second time. If you search through the Wolverine 1K thread a member (Crane's) gives a tutorial which I pretty much followed except he used Sno-Seal instead of LP. I think he also used a rag to apply the...
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