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Love those Baker Roosevelt Chukkas.
Thank you very much gr789, that was helpful.
Thanks for the information gr789, again nice boots. You shortened it two speed hooks and the remaining speed hook was replaced with an eyelet, did he have to replace the other eyelets to match? Did you have to shorten/reshape the tongue? Is it a local cobbler, what's his name? ^That's called peppering you with questions! Thanks in advance.
Very nice boots, anyone for a GMTO ?Can't find this model at their website.
You seem more comfortable when offending. You should spend more time outside, not stuck to your keyboard.
110 sounds good.Too bad no 310.
Thanks for the advice.I just don't have any nostalgia for the desert boots. I'm hitching my horse on #15 the Italian Greyhound for my chukka, and #15 the 310 which would look even better with the Cat's Paw option. @Chop Chop willing to consider that?@LA GUY is the @linafelt five eyelet version of the service boot, posted a bit ago absolutely a no go? The folks I met from Viberg seemed so accommodating That would be a big show of Viberg/StyleForum/Fok threesome love if...
Never liked the squishy feel of crepe, and the light colored variety only look good on the shelf, once they hit the street and get dirty not so nice imo.
Search was my friend wanted to make sure this was still an option, found this on a Viberg workpress blog. Nice look imo.
Is Cat's paw an available option?
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