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No mas Vash for him.
[Hyperbole] This doesn't sound Anti-American to anyone, does it? I'd hate to think White's was denying Americans, American footwear. [/Hyperbole] Unfortunately imo arguments like the one above are the only way this changes. I'm sure Japanese dealers were not happy about customers sidestepping them, and going overseas for purchases. Never-mind I just saw that ABC-Mart (White's owner) is a Japanese company. But some social media awareness couldn't hurt.
GY = Goodyear I must of been mistaken, thinking that all Vass were hand welted.
I'll jump on this bandwagon as well. Will need help on sizing, but I'll get that from Skoak.Jorge
"Block Member" is a beautiful thing. On this forum software you see a gray bar running across the screen, fairly unobtrusive.
The wrinkling on the vamp of the left boot, was it there before you put them on? (edit) I see it on the red boot below, mustn't be a rare occurrence. Enjoy your boots.
I'm eager to see the mto details.
Even Ralph Fiennes can't make a Nazi avatar right.
I clicked the thumbs up button for this post, not sure what that means/does other than register my approval, are the thumbs up searchable?
Thanks to you both. I have a few JMW, but from my limited understanding I wouldn't be able to tell from a surface inspection; or would I?
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