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"Block Member" is a beautiful thing. On this forum software you see a gray bar running across the screen, fairly unobtrusive.
The wrinkling on the vamp of the left boot, was it there before you put them on? (edit) I see it on the red boot below, mustn't be a rare occurrence. Enjoy your boots.
I'm eager to see the mto details.
Even Ralph Fiennes can't make a Nazi avatar right.
I clicked the thumbs up button for this post, not sure what that means/does other than register my approval, are the thumbs up searchable?
Thanks to you both. I have a few JMW, but from my limited understanding I wouldn't be able to tell from a surface inspection; or would I?
Could you say which company please?
Crowdsourcing opinion on Bonafe v Carmina. I have a few Carmina shoes and find them well made on par with Alden, how do they stack up against Bonafe, would it be a move up? Setting aside the price difference for now. TIA
Linafelt, I did an image search for 145 Oxford and that photo you use is the only one of 60 or 70 that I find attractive, which leads my doubtiing - half glass empty - negative mind to think we will not get close to that look. Maybe someone from Viberg can take a look at that shoe and give the details of the build? Some reassurance from Fok that I'm needlessly worried would be greatly apprieciated.
Any interest in the half Japanese #5 in the 310 last? I imagine it would look like what's pictured there now.
New Posts  All Forums: