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This lovely photo comes from @MSAINT
I was under the impression the "special stuff" gets gone before the doors open to the "public". I could be wrong
Thank you for the photo, nice caramel color. I'm surprised the box didn't indicate the name. Enjoy in good health.
"screwed irons" sounds interesting. If you could, how does it contrast with the 4497 or 4444. What color is that, C-Shade? How does it compare to Acorn, a photo would be very agréable of you. TIA
Nice turf, what I wouldn't do for a nice lawn.
^ Does that mean you like it?
A working man on a SF work boot thread? Please leave immediately.
Your posts are wonderfully droll (drôle).
You have good Vass, ... and you have excellent taste in pavement.
Big Kahuna?
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