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Search was my friend wanted to make sure this was still an option, found this on a Viberg workpress blog. Nice look imo.
Is Cat's paw an available option?
I hope you buy something while being "sized", this is the reason Skoak is getting flak. Manufacturers are getting feedback from retailers who are having people waste their time "sizing" StC, GG, and EG.
That gouge would take a while for me to forget, I'd send them back to the retailer and have them deal with it.
Probably multi-thousand post SF members.Is the store owned by the factory?
Same here, you made no sense I pointed it out, but I won't argue with a guy that posts as much as you.
Well if Viberg said so ... I'll reserve my 110s for formal/work occasions lol
Nice Chukkas
Can't wait.
Now this on Unicorn smooth.
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