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Brand new with tags. Never worn. Lost a lot of weight and 31 is too baggy for me. These are rare and hard to find except through Blue Owl. Asking $150 shipped obo. Thank you. PM me for pics.
I just got my WG Duck Pants. Is it worth it to get WG Chinos as well? How big of a difference in color are they? The N&F website shows the chinos as very light colored but revolve clothing shows them as a darker brown (almost same color as the Ducks) Please respond.
I too am interested in Suit Supply. What's the turn around time?
I just asked the same question bro. Blue Owl and a few other N&F carriers have 29 WG. There's also a canadian store that has a few WG left. Hope you're not a 31 because I just ordered the last one Looks like there's a 30 and 36 left.
Yeah, I agree the price tag is a little high for me to pull the trigger. How strong was the scent? Was it a strong aroma or just a faint smell?Do the Duck Pants stretch at all? How do Weird Guys compare to Slim Guys? I like to wear my pants tight but not super tight like spandex. I typically wear Nudie Slim Jims which are a nice straight cut. They're tight but not too tight. I've never tried Weird Guys but I really want those Duck Pants so I might pull the trigger...
I agree.  This is me in 31 skinny guys. I don't think I can fit a 29
Also, what's the word on the raspberry scratch & sniff jeans? Have there been any reviews on them yet? I'm thinking about getting a pair...
Strong google skills. I've been searching forever!Thank you
I wear a 31 in N&F Don't think I can squeeze into a 29. Thanks though. Any other suggestions on where I can look?
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