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Can't get enough Mew at the moment. Kind of a been on a shoegaze/dream pop/whatever-you-want-to-call-it binge recently. A lot of silversun pickups as well. Obligatory album art:
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Grey=Spurr. Rag & Bone used to have good greys, Dior had good greys, N&F has/had ok greys, NDG had decent greys. +1, I think the spurr pipe leg is a really nice grey color and the fit is spot on. I just received some grey lova's i purchased on gilt last week and am very happy with the color and fit, though I'm not sure where you can find them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger 484 slims what's the leg opening like on those?
Looking for something similar, but significantly less expensive... any recommendations? Also, are down vests typically too thick to be worn underneath a peacoat?
Looking for something I can layer under a peacoat that's not a sweater. I was thinking some sort of puffer vest -- I think i've seen some grey flannel down vests out there before.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 nice pickups djs, mind telling me the price on both? I only bought the one on the right, the Richard Chai, which was $500 at Odin (i think original retail was like $700). The one on the left is the Spurr from this season, which was ~$2000 originally but can be had for $1100 at bloomingdales.com.
Lost my hickey peacoat last weekend so made an emergency replacement... Richard Chai peacoat from Odin, it's the one on the right (Spurr is on the left):
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan pavement Excuse me while I shoot myself in the face. Actually, the next person to try and strike up a conversation with me about their Stephen Malkmus adoration should shoot themselves in the face. Fine, fine band, but it is NO indication of taste -- in certain scenes Pavement is as popular is Coldplay is on a national level.
Wait, are you really arguing the wayfarer is not a classic shape?
Black fleece sale on gilt on monday.
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