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I'd buy it; immediately! As long as it's good for a few more wears.
These are very nice Marcell. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Old man pose. Complete with hiked up trou and haphazardly tied knot. I like the hiked up trouser look, but it's probably b.c. I'm an old man I guess.
^ I like this a great deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 I have no idea why some people keep getting caught up in a seller's or business's profit margin. That shouldn't matter & frankly isn't anyone else's business. If you see an item, like it, and think the price is OK FOR YOU, then buy it. If not, then don't. +1
Slewfoot, Thanks for the great photos, and the chukkas are a great addition.
Quote: Originally Posted by tutee First time comission from a new tailor ok not exactly something posted often on SF. Trouser fit and Line. These will be part of a much detailed post on pants fit coming soon. Sorry no color versions due to poor lighting conditions. Cheers! P.S the style is certianly not for everyone but it is fit that is crucial These look great, and I look forward to the subsequent post.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger Another purchase this week... who makes these?
I wear an 11 in Alden's Aberdeen, Hampton & Plaza Lasts. Does anyone have experience with the Vass F last equivalent?
Am I too late to place an order? Thanks in advance. V
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