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Anyone? Maybe I should have asked mafoo to post this for me lol ...
Please see the new thread to pick: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=149379
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW + 2! That's twice I missed out on those Office Pants! +3
Brand new pair of desert twill khaki pants. Bought these and decided not to keep them. Price: $60 shipped in the USA Pics available soon...
Great first post; I'm afraid most of us can at best make educated guesses here. For those more close to the industry, they may not want to share, but who knows...
The prices are steep for me but the ties are beautiful!
It's funny how your $700-$1200 suit price range is automatically translated to $1200 I would do it this way: Order some favorite suit/jacket fabrics from AndrewRogers or elsewhere and have Thick as Thieves or someone make the suits, especially since it looks like you're a 36S or so; those aren't easy to find on sale. I'd do the same with dress shirts... Neckwear you can get cheap on the B&S or shopthefinest.com or any of the sellers that are affiliated here ......
$100 gift cards to the following stores: Barneys New York Brooks Brothers Neiman Marcus Macy's Bloomingdales J. Crew GAP ($50 cards) Banana Republic Price would be $90 for $100 cards or basically 10% off the value of the card. Let me know if you're interested, thanks!
Received the sz 30 brown cotton pants; these are remarkable!
I owned that exact shoe for a year or so ... looked great
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