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1. "World" tour in 1st class 2. Name a building/gym at a school/org/workplace
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Id get a suit from the glorious twelfth fabric but for an odd jacket, I like H. Agreed, I am surprised H is getting so much heat.
FYI the check pattern on H (rust w/ blue windowpane) is about 2"x2.5" apart
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Are you doing a bit of reverse psychology or negative reinforcement on that one? The orange one is an abomination . I am basically trying to narrow a selection of swatches that I've found interesting. Based on this feedback, I will ultimately choose 3-4. I should add that I have no sportscoats at this point, so if there is a glaring hole in this set of swatches, that would be good to know. I have a...
They are all for sportcoats, except the mid-grey flannel (F), which I would make a suit out of. If there is a fabric that you like but do not see as a sportscoat, I'd appreciate that advice.
OK Let me adjust this to a poll. I'd like to hear from to regarding the fabric you like the least Please pick the one (or more) that you like the least... thank you! FYI I am 5'7" with a dark brown complexion, if that affects choices any... ***************************** A Worsted Alsport 7604 B Worsted Alsport 7615 C Glorious Twelfth 25306 D Worsted Alsport 7630 E Glenroyal 42004 F Woolen Flannel 39181 G Hartwist 32014 H Glenroyal 42026 I ...
Anyone? Maybe I should have asked mafoo to post this for me lol ...
Please see the new thread to pick: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=149379
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW + 2! That's twice I missed out on those Office Pants! +3
Brand new pair of desert twill khaki pants. Bought these and decided not to keep them. Price: $60 shipped in the USA Pics available soon...
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