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I've got a key fob shoe horn from Cole Haan which was fairly inexpensive but useful. I also saw a beautiful shoe horn at Hermes recently and considering making that purchase.
How do these compare to, say, Richard James Weldon horn buttons?
Anyone know if Tom Ford or Hermes are having a sale at all?
I am in the LA / OC area for two days and needed to compile a list of shops to look at. I am interested in the stores like Brooks brothers, bottega veneta, cucinelli, and others that are highly regarded here on the board. In particular I'd like to visit stores that may be "exclusive" to the big cities (NYC, LA,etc) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade You're having a suit/jacket made in the Bay Area? Where? Actually the suit/jackets will be made by GetSmart's Thick as Thieves ... but I will be getting some fabrics and buttons to him ...
Harrisons Moonbeam? Minnis Fresco?
Added another fabric w/ pics
2.5m of the following fabrics: Harrisons Moonbeam $245 shipped Porter & Harding Hartwist $225 shipped Thanks!
Enough for a sportcoat... Here's the swatch from AndrewRogers: Asking $200 shipped within the US... Thanks!
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