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Harrisons Moonbeam? Minnis Fresco?
Added another fabric w/ pics
2.5m of the following fabrics: Harrisons Moonbeam $245 shipped Porter & Harding Hartwist $225 shipped Thanks!
Enough for a sportcoat... Here's the swatch from AndrewRogers: Asking $200 shipped within the US... Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Dude, this is StyleForum. Everything is a let down. I believe this was the 5000th post
Quote: Originally Posted by abrocketsfan +1 Does anybody know if the J Crew collaboration is slimmer or in any way different than the other Barbour Bedale? Has anyone tried on both? Called the J Crew store and confirmed that there is no difference in fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by planetofsound question about the Barbour stuff J. Crew is selling... the Barbour Skyoil Bedale jacket (19895)... is there anything different about the fit/style of the Crew version? Is this the exact same model as the Barbour Classic Bedale in Olive (model A835) that's sold at plenty of other places? I tried the J. Crew version on in a 36" and the fit was great... but there's much better deals for Barbour stuff at other...
I buy a few choice items from Jacadi I really like Janie & Jack as well as Crew Cuts. For basics, Target's Cherokee brand has some great stuff. As long as the clothes hold up for 6 months, we are fine ...
White it is. By forcing myself to buy just one, I find I make more thoughtful sartorial decisions
Trying to decide between a plain white PS and a slightly more elaborate one. or
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