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$599.79 to be exact. They have a sale going on, so if you're looking to make a big-ticket purchase, you can save $50 this way, thanks.
Is the men's sale any better in-store as compared to online? Better = larger mark-downs or better selection
What about these from To Boot?
Does anyone have details on a post-Christmas sale @ Neiman Marcus or neimanmarcus.com? Looking to pick up a sweater or two, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Thought I'd revive this since it will be very useful in the coming week or two. Any one have the 411 on the following? Sak's: Can someone confirm a sale on the 26th. Isn't there extra 40% or so from 8am - 12? John Lobb: EG: Can we expect this Saks sale online as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Barneys, NM or Saks? The shouldn't need to fax something, that's wierd. The faxing problem was at Gucci; they called the store and then faxed over my sales form. I think they either just put it away or didn't want to fulfill it. Either way, I wasn't too happy; I thought they should have had it processed the same day. The second episode was while shopping online @ Bottega Veneta; I ordered a size...
Just sharing a tale which happened twice to me this week: So like many of you I set my eyes on fine leather shoes and cashmere sweaters and yearn for the day these items go on sale. Episode 1 is at a certain high-end store in Union Square (San Fran) I find a fashionable jacket that I really like, and the associate informs me that a size 46 is available at their Beverley Hills store. We confirm it, and I fill out their sales form, which is faxed over as I leave. Fast...
I'm interested in a particular pair of JM Weston boots but was curious if the store regularly has sales.... Here is the boot: http://jmweston.com/home.html#en/1-1/-0/6/145 I know there are quite a few shoe shoppers here and quite a few NYC residents; anyone know what the JM Weston store's sale schedule looks like? Should I wait for a sale on this item or is this one brand that "never goes on sale" (I was told by a Saks associate that these shoes don't but I don't...
While that may be true, do you think a store would special order a 36Short for me if they don't carry it? The Prada store recommended I go to the M2M route, which would be unnecessary if they could just order it in.
That's a solid suggestion! The only problem is they do not have the more trendy style, such as a 2 button suit with narrow lapels and a lower gorge. ... their stuff is pretty classic, but good to keep in mind and definitely priced right...
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