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I'm shopping for those athletic-inspired black shoes for everyday wear with jeans, etc. I want to avoid shoes that are too shiny or those with logos plastered everywhere... Here are some options: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Any other suggestions are welcome, also let me know which ones you guys like ... i personally like the Dior's (2) but prefer a thicker sole otherwise my jeans drag and of course I'll look a half inch shorter
Added a nameless 5th option!!!
OK I removed three shoes which are no longer in the running, unfortunately, there are two new ones in the running Please rank!
Yes I am considering the Wellands at the sale price, but I my list goes: 4 5 2 1 3 So the wellands are third in line behind the Lobb's and Santoni's, but the Wellands are on sale at a great price. Anyone know if I can expect this price on the Lobb's later on?
1. John Lobb Chapel (Black) 2. John Lobb Bourne (Black) 3. Edward Green Ashby (Black) 4. John Lobb Scotney (Black) 5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm curious to see which style you shoe aficianados like most, especially considering I am looking to purchase this shoe in black calf. Please include the choice # in your response, thanks!
I'm thinking of purchasing Loake Dean's in black: Anyone seen these in person? Can anyone comment on the leather quality, overall construction, or the way it looks in person? I was originally interested in a pair of John Lobb Scotney's, but I'm trying to go for a more inexpensive shoe in black for now so I can get another pair in brown later in the year. Thanks for the comments!
$599.79 to be exact. They have a sale going on, so if you're looking to make a big-ticket purchase, you can save $50 this way, thanks.
Is the men's sale any better in-store as compared to online? Better = larger mark-downs or better selection
What about these from To Boot?
Does anyone have details on a post-Christmas sale @ Neiman Marcus or Looking to pick up a sweater or two, thanks!
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