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Price drop... subtract $5 from all prices ... subtract $30 if you buy this weekend.
A or B? A) B) Also, in general, do you prefer the indy boot or the chukka ?
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I didn't get a tracking number sent to me. +1 , no tracking number
Interested in measurements, thanks!
PM'd and PayPal sent on #2 and #3, thanks
the p2p for a peacoat with a 17.25" s2s measurement is unbelievable! with a 18" P2P on a peacoat, you'd figure the person would have 16" shoulders ... just an inch more and I'd take it...
i've got those B33's and they're great. FYI I am a standard US 9 and the EU42 fits me fine, so these might be larger than a US9 ...
PMd earlier today on 2/3
Adding a Glenroyal fabric, $240 shipped (2.5m)
I wonder where color #6 stands in the range of browns ... is it the same as Cigar?
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