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PMd regarding the G&G, Rider, and Vass a while back ...
shoulder, chest, and length measurements please?
Would be interested in size 14.5/37
PMed on #53
PM sent on grey PoW
Just to add, I will get a new pocket square but I needed a white one in the next couple of days and none of the ones I like will be delivered by then ... The carpet doesn't look all that bad as it is and I think I can clean it up so it looks OK ... it's not exactly a permanent fixture in our living room ensemble
I decided to quickly iron out a few creases in my linen/cotton pocket square (white) and ironed it directly over a cheap synthetic (low pile) carpet .... Well it took about 10 seconds to realize that the heat was burning the carpet and of course some of the carpet residue stuck to the white pocket square I watched it with soap and water and tried to scratch off most of the carpet residue but I wanted to check if there was a way to get it all off Any...
I inquired about this some months back (10/2009) and they did not offer this service (sending your own fabric)
Added GAP leather jacket
All three fabrics $210 shipped now.
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