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Sorry to hear it didn't work out; that was the same issue I had ...
Barba Napoli 14.5/37 white shirt - $100 shipped in the Con US Chest: 19" Across back: 17" Neck: 14.5" The shirt has darts through the torso which really adds to the fit. I would say it's a slim/extra slim cut. Only been worn about 3 times, it was my preferred white shirt for extremely nice occasions. Spread collar Some quick pictures, sorry it's not ironed and folded just yet: Here are some more full length pictures, getting PMs to see the whole thing:
I've got a dark brown crewneck sweater that's got a small hole in the elbow, so I've decided to patch the elbows. I'm looking for some high quality elbow patches in a suitable color, and found this: http://www.domesticleather.com/Data_...PatchStock.htm The suede lambskin patches seem interesting and they have a lot of colors available; any opinions on this manufacturer or any recommendations on a manufacturer or color? I'd like to get some variation of brown but the've...
BNIB Gild Design iphone 4 case In my eyes the best case you can buy, CNC machined aluminum case is just beautiful It's also structurally the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkuWr...eature=related New ones sells for 8500yen + 2000yen shipping, so $127 ... selling BNIB for $110 shipped Been on some design blogs of late: e.g. http://en.spread-grani.com/cool-ipho...f-alminum.html
PMd regarding the G&G, Rider, and Vass a while back ...
shoulder, chest, and length measurements please?
Would be interested in size 14.5/37
PMed on #53
PM sent on grey PoW
Just to add, I will get a new pocket square but I needed a white one in the next couple of days and none of the ones I like will be delivered by then ... The carpet doesn't look all that bad as it is and I think I can clean it up so it looks OK ... it's not exactly a permanent fixture in our living room ensemble
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